Star Trek

USS Hyperion


The Hyperion has only a few basic rules to follow:

1) Keep it PG-13. In terms of language, sexuality and violence, you will want to keep at a level you would see on network TV. (Star Trek: Picard is definitely not network TV, so don't use it as a example). Violating this policy can and will result in punishment up to the intimidate dismissal from the Hyperion. The Command Staff also reserves the right to remove or hide posts that violate this rule.

2) To maintain activity levels we ask for one post per 2 weeks. This can be a joint post or a single post. Personal logs do not count towards the posting requirement. We are flexible on this and there is no Bravo Fleet rule towards activity, so always feel free to reach out to the command staff to discuss an activity level that fits your life best. If you got 30 days without posting then we will reach out to you and if we do not hear back in another 14 days, we will open up your position.

3) Only cannon and cannon-ish species are allowed on the Hyperion. While you can create your own species when you join, it needs to be fairly grounded. Borg (including ex-Borg), Dominion species (Vorta, Changelings, Jem'Hadar), Q, and any other 'god' like species are prohibited. If you are a non Federation member, you will need to make sure you have a clear reason why someone sponsored you for the Academy.

4) The Hyperion is a Sovereign Class ship. Due to this the crew is typically experienced and has a good service record. It is not a ship of 'misfits' or a post a Ensign right out the academy would typically get. You don't have to create a 'perfect mary-sue' type character, but you also can't have multiple reprimands because you slapped an Admiral or two.

5) Due to the unique nature of how the Hyperion handles the RPG side of things, promotions, demotions, court martial, etc are all based on your in-character actions. Decisions you make, good and bad, will factor into the game and the future of you character. If you want to have your character move up in rank, just let the command staff know! As long as it can be justified IC then we'll be fine with it! The command staff may also reach out to you to initiate a special sub plot involving your character based on decisions you make.

6) If you need an LOA, just ask. We aren't going to say no. If you go 30 days without posting and don't respond to emails or messages through the Nova site the Command Staff will remove you from the ship.

7) Please number all posts so we can keep track of the timeline better.

7) Have fun. If you have any questions or need help with anything just reach out to the command staff.