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General Updates

Posted on Sun May 10th, 2020 @ 4:32pm by Captain Anna Caldwell

Hello All!

A few general updates. The first is that I am now the TFXO for Task Force 72. What does this change for us? Nothing really. My Flag character, Commodore Basmanoff and her ship the Inverness, may show up from time to time since the Hyperion is in 72 and we might dabble a bit more in 72's cannon from time to time, but, overall it does not change much in terms of the next 3 or so missions that will get us up to 2399.

The next is that I have, sadly, had to prune the manifest a little bit. I have removed a few members who had not logged in for over a month. I have not opened up those positions yet just in case they want to come back to us, but, since none of the characters took part in the slipstream JP, we can assume they did not come with us and had been reassigned before we left.

I will be updating the mission notes later today as we move to the back end of the mission. These first few mission were designed to be shorter in nature and we will move though them fairly quickly; in fact mission two will like take all of 2 or so weeks once we start it. This way we get to 2399 pretty quick and play around in that timeline more (Spoiler: Prepare for much fun with Cardassians :P)

Lastly, I will be updating a few things on the website over the next few days so if you see some odd text or chunks of text missing, it's because I am tinkering with it.


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