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Posted on Sun Aug 9th, 2020 @ 1:31am by Captain Anna Caldwell

Hello All!

As I am sure you are all aware we have hit stretch of inactivity and after talking about it with our esteemed XO, it has been decided that a bit of a reboot is in order for the game. While the idea of 3 missions taking us through 10 years was something that few other games had tried and was a novel idea, it didn't pan out.

So, we are going to be flashing forward. Over the next day or so I will close out the current mission with a long-ish recap of how we got back to Federation space and a bit of what came after. Once that is up I will open up an 'interlude' mission where you can post things about what your character has been up to the last 10 years, etc. You can cover family events, promotions, etc. It's time to give you a chance to establish your character in 2399. The general idea is that your character remained assigned to the Hyperion over the last 10 years however if you want to change up your character then that can be done as well, just send a message to the XO or myself. This will last about week before the next mission starts, however, it will remain open for some time if you want to do any character building pre-2399 even when the new mission kicks off.

The next mission is under development and will tie into the overall TF72 storyline that deals with Cardassians.

I do want to apologize to everyone for the lack of activity and movement on the game and that is something that I ensure will not happen again. Along with the jump forward I will be doing quite a bit of work on the website to reflect the jump and re-establish the game rules as some of the overall Bravo Fleet rules have changed.

Finally, as part of this, I would like everyone to go onto Discord and reply to a post I will make shortly in the crew chat section so I can get a headcount of who wants to remain with the game. You can also send a message on Nova if you do not want to use Discord or do not use it.

As always, if you have any questions please just reach out.



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