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Ensign William Rye

Name William Rye

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 183cm
Weight 76kgs
Hair Color BRown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description In decent shape, standing at relatively average height and weight there is little that would make William stand out in a crowd. His hair is typically kept at a medium length, swept back with a short tidy beard.


Spouse Kelsey Rye
Children None
Father Niles Morgan (estranged)
Mother Suzanna Rye
Brother(s) Lt Jacob Rye (36), Starfleet Security, Starbase 70
Sister(s) None
Other Family Eric Rye - Grandfather
Elizabeth Rye - Grandmother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally calm and unassuming, William has made a pride of point out of being able to get along with everyone and anyone he finds himself working along side.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very capable and very talented, Will would be able to accomplish great things should he retain more self belief, something which comes in great abundance before disappearing from his psyche just as quickly. He tries to see things in context of the bigger picture but is often too quiet to say anything when he sees things others overlook.
Ambitions Having joined much later in life than most, Starfleet was his ambition. Having accomplished that, he is figuring out what he would like next.
Hobbies & Interests Flying is hobby #1. Having mostly self taught from simulations, he is capable of flying a whole host of machines from modern shuttles and starships to ancient aircraft. Outside of this, he enjoys music and owns a guitar he received as a gift from his previous employer upon leaving for Starfleet. Growing up on the coast, it would have been considered criminal among his friends not to have learned to surf, he also enjoys working out but often lacks the motivation to do it. Likes to read but often struggles to find the time.

Personal History Born to Suzanna Rye in a small town in the south of England, before his living memories his father departed the family leaving his mother free to make the decision to move closer to family across world.

Growing up in the town of Newport, Oregon he spent much of his childhood and so many summers on the beaches of the Pacific coast. As a student he was almost always marginally above average but struggled to excel at anything that didn't light a fire inside of him. Despite having spent so many days looking out across the oceans, it wasn't long before he started looking upward instead.

His interest in flight started with frequent visits to public holosuites where he would run programs to familiarize himself with old earth aircraft. He had started with the smallest of them but he learned quickly and just a few months in he had become capable of operating the old earth airliners with confidence. His school grades suffered as a result how ever, and when his older brother decided to follow Will to find out exactly what was going on, his little game was discovered.

Rather than being upset and much to his surprise, William's mother encouraged his new found hobby and with a little bit of help from a family friend, managed to promise Will an experience he couldn't refuse - flight time in a space capable craft - as long as his grades improved again.

They did of course, and so William's love of space flight was born.

Toward the end of his school years, the desire for a starfleet career had been burning inside for a number of years but as the time for a decision came around, despite encouragement from his teachers, friends and family including his big brother who had himself joined a few years prior, a lack of self confidence in his ability to succeed in his application saw him seek out an alternative as a civilian pilot, flying passengers and cargo about the alpha quadrant for years.

It was a career he enjoyed greatly. it had enabled him to meet and marry a wonderful woman, had made some strong friends and learned more than he had ever imagined but what had once been desire for a starfleet career had turned into a question of what might've been. He did enjoy the career he had fallen into but there was something lacking, something that could only be provided in one place.

After several long conversations with his now wife and brother who had only gone from strength to strength in his own career, sufficiently encouraged, Will finally did it. To this day it surprises him that in his relatively advanced age he was accepted to the starfleet academy but he was, and he most certainly thrived. His experience served him well both as outlet of advice for his fellow cadets and as a source of respect from those he was learning from.
Service Record 2384-2388 - Cadet - Starfleet Academy San Francisco
2388-Present - Ensign - Chief Flight Control Officer - USS Hyperion