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USS Hyperion


Interlude One - As Time Goes By

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As the Hyperion once again docks at the San Francisco Fleet Yards for it's heavy check, the crew reflects on the last 10 years they have spent together.

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Pre Mission #1 - And So It Begins

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In June of 2388 the new crew of the USS Hyperion gathered at Earth while the ship's overhaul is 2 months away fine completion.

Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"

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Coming off it's first full overhaul, the Hyperion is tasked with a short shakedown mission that most crew could sleep through; transporting Vice Admiral T'Prit to a diplomatic conference Betazed and then onto Starbase 72 for final fitting and assignment. To stretch the ships legs, so to speak, the slipstream drive is brought online for a quick test. As the ship enters slipstream drive, systems start to crash and go offline and the ship is hurtled into the southern Alpha Quadrant, outside of explored space. Finding themselves outside of explored space and in possibly hostile territory, the new crew of the Hyperion races against the clock to figure out what went wrong and how to get home.

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