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The Start of Something - Part 2

Posted on Mon Apr 6th, 2020 @ 4:08am by Captain Anna Caldwell

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: Denver, CO - Earth
Timeline: 5 Weeks after the First Contact Attacks on Mars

[Denver][Earth][Caldwell Residence]

The transition from spring to summer in Colorado was, even without the weather control system, always spectacular. Anna had spent many a summer here growing up and became so enamored with it opted to build a home here after graduating Starfleet Academy. With the Iowa recalled to Earth while Starfleet struggled with the massive tragedy that was the Mars attack, Anna had taken refuge here over the last few weeks. In fact, she hadn't been within 10 miles of another humanoid in the last 7 days until today.

Starfleet, in it's wisdom, finally decided to get her XO in a center chair of her own. With only 3 days until the USS Columbia departed Earth for the Neutral Zone, Anna had arranged one last meal with her XO. The meal itself had been rather delicious, a feat Anna was quite proud of considering it had been years since she had set foot in a real kitchen, and the conversation had turned work.

Dolna leaned back, wine glass in hand, with a soft sigh. "Any word on what they are sending the Iowa out to do?"

Anna shook her head. "Nothing final, but likely back out to the Gamma Quadrant. Command seems like they are worried the Dominion will try and take advantage of what's happened."

Dolna shook her blue head. "Are they ever going to stop acting like the Dominion is some boogy man hiding around the corner at every moment? They haven't violated the treaty in the slightest nor have they made any moves. Hell, the female Founder is still locked up and the Founders aren't really leaving their home system."

Anna shrugged. "They are struggling to adept to what has happened. So many of those Admirals sat on the bridges of Starships during the war and old habits die hard; they think something bad is hiding around the next nebula. Plus they hole themselves up in their office buildings and talk about the good 'ol days. They don't get out in deep space anymore, they don't see the amazing things that are out there waiting for us.

Dolna poured another glass of wine. "One day they'll figure it out. After all, one of these days you'll be sitting in some office telling people to go out into the unknown." Anna snorted as the Bolian finished her sentence. "I do know the Columbia is going out to the Neutral Zone to do...something."

Anna opened her mouth but the sheer beep from the house comm console cut her off.

"Incoming message from Starfleet Command for Caldwell, Anna, Captain. This message is marked captain's eyes only."

Anna sighed. "Download to my PADD."

The computer chirped in response as Anna walked over and picked up the PADD, anger clear on her face as she reached the end.

"Those bastards." She shouted as she tossed the PADD back onto the desk. "Where the hell do they get off leaving them do die?"

Donna sat up. "What? Are they abandoning Romulan rescue?"

"Yes!" Anna said, fire in her eyes. "It's 'An internal matter that the Romulan Star Empire must deal with on their own. In light of Starfleet's losses, we can no longer dedicate the immense resources to relocating the Star Empire.' There is also a bit in there that multiple member worlds were preparing to withdrawn from the Federation. Cowards. All of them. Is this not what Starfleet stands for? Do we not help those in need? Now the Romulans will harbor hatred for us for another 200 years because we turned a blind eye to the death of the Empire."

Dolna rubbed her eyes. "There has to be something else afoot here. We have hundreds of ships, all with huge evac capacity. We can still save millions. I have a briefing at Command tomorrow, I'm sure I will learn something else." The Bolian turned her head towards the TV, which had been on but silent. "Anna, turn that up."

"Computer, raise volume to 40%."

The computer chirped and the sound filled the room. "....Blake Weston with the FNN. We are getting unofficial word from very reliable sources at Starfleet Command that Admiral Jean-Luc Picard has retired from Starfleet, effective immediately. We've gotten some reports that he possibly resigned but Starfleet is calling it a retirement. What this means for the Romulan Relocation mission is unknown..."

"Computer, silence." The sound left the room as Anna picked up another bottle of wine. "Retired, my ass. At this exact moment, all I can say is I need more wine."

Dolna held up her glass. "I will join you in that, ma'am."

[USS Hyperion][Transporter Room 2]
[Current Timeline]

The soft blue of the transporter faded from view and left Anna standing in the middle of a half finished transporter pad. Vice Admiral T'Prit stood crisply in front of the pad.

"Permission to come on board, Admiral?"

The Vulcan nodded. "Permission granted, Captain. Welcome to the Hyperion."

Anna smiled softly and nodded as she walked off the pad. "Thank you ma'am. It's my pleasure to be here."

The Vulcan replied with another nod. "I would offer you a full tour of your new vessel, but matters on the bridge require your attention. Please come with me."

Anna nodded and followed the women out into the corridor. The corridor itself was in good shape but more massive than any ship she'd ever been on. The Iowa, an Intrepid Class, had soft curves and matte corridors. The Hyperion had neither of these. Sharp lines and bold colors defined her and screamed one thing and one thing only: power.

The two stepped into the lift and with a simple command it sailed off to the Bridge.



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