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USS Hyperion

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Posted on Thu Apr 9th, 2020 @ 11:34am by Ensign William Rye & Chief Petty Officer Aron Dahl

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: Stardock Auxiliary Craft Bay
Timeline: Current

To suggest that Will Rye was not somewhat anxious about the coming confrontation would be inaccurate. It was a funny thing, in front of the helm controls of almost anything that would fly he was the most confident person in the galaxy – there was little that he couldn’t do in his element. Having to confront another person over something, even if he was very clearly in the right, was not his element.

“Sorry, Sir” The Bay manager spoke matter-of-factly, “Haven’t seen them”

“They’re right there” Rye insisted, pointing out the clearly marked type 9 shuttles parked neatly along the side of the Aux craft bay, “I can see them.”

“How can you be sure they’re the ones you’re looking for?” The bay manager replied with a look that Will wanted to remove from the man’s face.

Looking back toward the shuttles, Will’s eyes narrowed “Are you blind? Or just stupid? Or do you think perhaps that we cannot read?”

“I’m sorry, Sir. What do you mean?”

“The markings” Rye snapped, finally beginning to lose his temper.

“What markings?”

“The ones that say ‘USS Hyperion’” Will growled. He was both angry and frustrated

The man gave a look as though he had no idea what Rye was talking about as the ensign threw his arms in the air. He had suspected that this might’ve been the situation he was going to be walking into so before leaving the ship he had asked one of his own shuttle bay managers to accompany him.

Chief Petty Officer Aron Dahl was a large man. Standing a good 5 inches taller than Will, one might have mistaken him for a Viking had they lived a few dozen centuries earlier. Moving toward his contemporary, the CPO seemed to grow larger with each step, “Listen to me” Dahl growled “This is a dangerous environment, plenty of movement, yes?”

Will watched quietly as the man he had been addressing moments earlier nodded, beginning to back peddle quickly until he came up against a bulkhead.

“And accidents, they are known to happen. Yes?”

Eyes widening, the man stuttered his words as he tried to form a response, “Are… Are you… Is that a threat?”

“Threat?” Dahl smiled, “No! I just think it would be a big shame if an accident happened here. To you. With just us present as witnesses, right sir” He turned to Will who had remained a few paces behind the CPO.

“Right” Will nodded with a smile.

“But perhaps we can save you from such an accident?” Dahl placed a large hand on the shoulder of the bay manager.

“What ever you want” The man replied. Will got the sense that they could’ve demanded almost anything they wanted but he wasn’t going to be unreasonable, he just wanted what belonged to them.

“Those shuttles are going to be aboard the Hyperion within the hour” Will spoke calmly, his smile only further unsettling the bay manager.

“Don’t make us have to return” Dahl spoke, giving the man he was addressing a friendly slap on the shoulder with enough for to cause him to have to catch himself from falling.

“Of course,” The bay manager conceded defeat as the two Hyperion crewmembers began their short journey back to the Sovereign class starship


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