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Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2020 @ 4:46am by Captain Anna Caldwell & Lieutenant Fynn Daros

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion - Ready Room
Timeline: Current

[USS Hyperion]

It was strange, really. A new ship, new assignment, brought back in all the way to Earth from the Bajoran sector, it seemed inevitable that it would take some time to get used to things, to settle in. Yet, mere minutes after Lieutenant Daros stepping off the transport shuttle and was admitted onboard in the main shuttlebay, things had begun feeling increasingly... familiar.

Fynn had spent the past two years at the Antares shipyards, overseeing the final construction phases of several of the starships being constructed there, and right up until the end every ship had been a concentration of barely-contained chaos, as a hundred different engineers, and a thousand little drones all vied for space within the hull, accomplishing their tasks without getting in each others way as they strove to complete the ship on schedule.

The feeling was no different aboard the Hyperion, and the lieutenant felt oddly at home as he walked the corridors, and sidestepped workcrews and equipment along the way. Till now, he didn't know why he had been selected for the position of chief engineer, though if there was still work to be done after the launch, then perhaps it made sense to bring someone aboard with construction experience. Even if they reassigned him after the final reconstruction and shakedown cruise were complete, it was still going to be a little closer to deep space than the Chodai had been in years, and he intended to make the most of the assignment.

With his bags temporarily stored in the chief engineer's office, Fynn had sought out the officer currently overseeing the refit, introduced himself, and then dove right in as he took over the crews working on the central computer core. Balancing the subspace field generators for asynchronous operation was proving to be more difficult than anticipated, with field effectiveness being optimized for the bio-neural gel packs, or the isolinear arrays, but not both at the same time.

"It has to be the generator," Maddie stated, the specialist currently working on the core systems. She was a petite, dark-skinned human who made up for her small size with a fiery spirit; Fynn rather hoped she would be remaining aboard for the shakedown cruise, but hadn't yet tried to ask.

The engineer nodded, one hand pressed to the interface panel as he accessed and read the diagnostics by touch, with the results scrolling by through his ocular systems. "Agreed. Phase discrimination is not compensating as it should."

"This is a brand new generator! It was supposed to have been tested before it was ever shipped out to us!" Maddie complained, tossing the spanner back into the toolkit with frustration.

"And according to the log files, it was," he assured. "But the thing about refits, is that they're very fluid projects. I suspect that the specifications provided to the manufacturers have since been changed due to other considerations, and someone neglected to keep them informed." A system ping drew his attention for a moment, and he saw a reminder of the summons to the captain's ready room for a meeting in less than fifteen minutes. "Get your crew to perform a full, manual recalibration of each field generator, according to the current specs. I suspect you'll find several of them well outside of what the baseline should be."

Running a hand through her hair, Maddie gave a nod before going to track down her people, and Fynn took the opportunity to excuse himself from the computer core, make a stop along the way to clean up a little, and start making his way up to the bridge. That, at least, had been a little higher on the list of things complete, and he was pleased to see that all the bridge consoles were in place (though the portside consoles were curiously inactive), and there was no stack of bulkhead fittings waiting to be assembled. The bridge also seemed a little smaller than he was expecting, though he wasn't sure just why that was the case; the actual physical dimensions had not changed from those on file. The lieutenant shook his head to himself, and with a brief detour to look over the engineering displays, straightened up in front of the ready room doors with just the faintest whisper of servomechanisms, and tapped the door chime.

"If the man wants to have a third cat, let him have a third cat." Anna muttered to herself as she placed her thumb on the PADD to give her authorization. At some point, she thought to herself, Starfleet had to find a way to ease off this requirement of needing to ask for permission for everything. The chime brought her out of her thoughts. "Thank god, I can stop looking at this PADDs. Enter!"

The door opened smoothly, and Daros glanced through for a moment as though half-expecting some sort of ambush to be waiting within, then stepped on through to approach the desk. It was, he knew, the first meeting with his new captain, and he belatedly wondered if perhaps he should have done more to prepare. A quick sonic shower, and a polishing-up of his synthetic components, perhaps. Of course, standing in front of her desk was rather too late for such considerations, and Fynn had to content himself with studying his new CO as he gave a nod in greeting. "Captain. Lieutenant Fynn Daros, I'll be your new chief engineer."

"Welcome to the Hyperion, Lieutenant. Please, have a seat."

He looked back, eyed the seat for a moment, then silently sank down into it and quite possibly looked about as awkward as it was possible for someone to look in a comfortable chair. Having no real need to sit, nor any sense of just how formal or informal the captain preferred things, made it difficult to gauge just how 'relaxed' to get. "Thank you sir."

"I want to assure you that I have made sure this will be a permanent assignment, Lieutenant. I know that Starfleet tends to rotate out CEO's on the tail end of overhauls but I specifically asked that whomever they assign stays." Anna leaned back. "Speaking of the overhaul, have you had a chance to check in the engineering teams?"

The news was surprising, but not at all unwelcome, and suddenly a door of possibly had opened up before him, with the prospect of making a place aboard the Hyperion lasting longer than just a month or two. "Some. I've been aboard less than a day, so it will take time to get caught up on the status of all the systems onboard. I wasn't looking to step in for the yard supervisor until I'm much more up-to-speed on things. However, I've been able to step in and lend a hand in trying to get the computers back on their feet; based on what I've seen, I would expect full computer core functionality in two to three hours."

Anna nodded. "Good. I know with the new computer core comes the new LCARS version. They didn't saddle us with those damn holo-display consoles thankfully but I expect a few kinks will need to be worked out on the fly, so I have asked the San Francisco Fleet Yards to keep a few of the computer core engineers to stick around just in case we run into any issues; I've made it clear that you are fully in charge and they answer to you but they will be with us until we arrive at Starbase 72. Now, onto a more pressing engineering matter. How familiar are you with Quantum Slipstream drives?"

Fynn leaned back in the chair thoughtfully, and refrained from trying to just call up the information remotely. "Next generation propulsion system, operates on a similar principle to a transwarp drive. A lot more variables to track and counter than with a tried-and-true warp drive. I've heard of it of course, but haven't laid my hands on one myself."

Anna picked up a PADD and handed it to the man. "These are the specs the Fleet Yard gave me. I, personally, am not a fan of the whole system at all. It's untested, it's rushed, and honestly giving a capital ships slipstream drives is a diplomatic snafu waiting to happen." Anna sighed. "Anyway, regardless of my objections, we now have one. I would like you to make it your top priority to make sure that thing is ready to roll."

Daros took the PADD for a moment, then hissed softly as he began scanning through the contents. "While I do not believe that simply because something is new and unfamiliar, it should be avoided, I do at this time share your reservations. Retrofitting a brand new propulsion system into a vessel never initially designed for it is a challenge to say the least." He paused as he read further, then turned off the PADD to review it in more detail later. "However, it will be done. By the time we launch, the system will be fully operational and ready for field testing."

Anna nodded. "Excellent. I have also asked Lieutenant Kennedy to increase security around the drive. I don't think they will get in your way but I want to minimize any risks."

"Understood." It has never occurred to the engineer until now that something like the slipstream drive would pose a potential security risk to the personnel onboard, but the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Building a ship from scratch, with the slipstream drive already integrated into the design was one thing, and would be trickier for foreign agents to steal since it's part of the ship itself. But a ship that was retrofitted to accommodate the drive could be even more valuable, as it could tell those same foreign agents what might need to be done to retrofit their own vessels in a similar fashion. "We'll limit contact to those systems as much as possible. No unauthorized personnel will be permitted access." Which, of course, meant only about half a dozen people onboard would be allowed near it.

"Very well Lieutenant. I know you are busy so I will let you return to work. Once the computer core comes online I would like a full systems report as well."

"You'll have it at the earliest opportunity," Fynn promised, standing smoothly. He pressed a hand to the PADD, accessing and downloading the contents, then set the device on the corner of the desk. "And thank you sir." It didn't feel as though more needed to be said, so he gave the captain a brief nod, and turned on his heel before striding from the room.



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