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Posted on Thu Apr 23rd, 2020 @ 12:15am by Ensign William Rye & Captain Anna Caldwell

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion - Ready Room
Timeline: Current

There was something about the bridge that was calming to Will. Throughout the flight decks of the Hyperion's shuttle bays there were eyes on him at almost all times, there was a pressure there that he was still getting used to.

On the bridge though, life was simpler. On the bridge all he needed to do was what he knew best, all he needed to do was fly.

He might not have been arriving on the bridge for those usual reasons, after all the ship was still sitting secured in drydock but that familiar calming feeling still washed over him as the turbolift doors smoothly parted and the Ensign stepped out.

There were still engineers on most decks but it seemed like with each passing hour their numbers were decreasing, a sure sign that before much longer they would be getting under way but there were still a few matters of business he wanted to take care of. The Captain had been spotted wandering the halls and so Rye had decided it was time to make his presence known.

He remembered the conversations with his classmates about how sure they were about their nerves getting the best of them when meeting their respective Captains for the first time but despite all the others things he was having a harder time with, meeting his CO wasn't going to be one of them. Will was new to starfleet but not to working within a hierarchy such as they did.

Straightening his uniform jacket as he arrived at the ready room door, Will pushed the door chime, waiting for the call to enter and the doors to part before stepping inside, "Captain Caldwell, good afternoon ma'am. Ensign William Rye reporting."

Anna looked up and smiled at the man. "Good afternoon Ensign, please, have a seat."

Nodding and moving further into the room, after quickly brushing himself off again Will sat.

"I've gone over your service record, or, well your Academy record." Anna picked up one of the numerous PADDs strewn across her desk. "Your Academy records speaks for itself quite well, and I think your time spent in the civilian sector will serve you quite well here."

Anna leaned back and plopped the PADD back on her desk. "Our first mission should be pretty easy by Starfleet standards; we'll drop a Vice Admiral off at Betazed and then make our way to Starbase 72. It should make for a fairly decent shakedown. I'm hopeful fleet command mentioned this, but, the Hyperion was just fitted with a Quantum Slipstream Drive. I hate the damn thing myself, nowhere near enough data backing up it's safety, but that's neither here or there. What experience, if any, do you have with QSD?"

Rye paused for a moment to collect his thoughts. By and large he shared his CO's feelings with regard to quantum slipstream but it'd be a lie if he denied that a bit of him was excited at the prospect of getting to have a play with it. "I have an understanding of the idea behind it Ma'am, although I can't say I really have any experience with it. It's always seemed a little bit unnecessary but I guess when they want to push a technology, they'll do it no matter what." Smiling as he let that growing excitement get the better of him, he added "If someone gets to have a go, it might as well be us!"

Anna smiled to herself. Over the last few years the excitement factor had left Starfleet and the Ensign's excitement was a welcome site. "Well, I am always happy to keep hopping around at warp speed however technology moves forward wither I like it or not. If both you and Lieutenant Carrick could find some time before launch I would like you to run a few simulations with the QSD in the holodeck, I would appreciate it. Have the conn and ops stations working in unison will be rather important after all.

"Yes Ma'am." Pausing, Will scoured his brain for the ship's ops officer. He had done his best to memorize the entire senior staff and whilst he knew that in time the names would come easily, for now the recall was still somewhat challenging, "I'll liase with Lieutenant Carrick right away."

"Very good. Well Ensign, I don't have much else for you. Everything in the shuttle bay seems to be in order and the propulsion system reports I've gotten look good. Just make sure she's ship shape by the time we leave; can't have a nacelle flying off during our maiden voyage, can we?" Anna said wtih a teasing smile.

Rye smiled. He was confident that everything would be ready for theHyperion's departure, "Not until the QSD tests at least" he shot back. Truth of the matter was that if some of the past experiences were going to hold true, losing a nacelle could potentially be the least of their issues. If Starfleet had sanctioned this though - and clearly they had - Ensign Rye was confident they could turn it into something of a success.

Anna nodded. "Dismissed Ensign."


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