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A Whole Mess of Something

Posted on Sat Apr 11th, 2020 @ 6:42pm by Captain Anna Caldwell

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion Bridge
Timeline: Current

[USS Hyperion][San Francisco Fleet Yards]

The ride to the bridge had been fairly short, shorter than Anna expected. The door slid open with the customary hiss and Anna's eyes opened wide in surprise; and a little bit of wonder. The bridge was close to double the size of the Iowa's bridge, which was already large for a cruiser like the Intrepid Class. Deep browns and reds and coppers greeted her as she finally stepped out of the lift. The bridge configuration hadn't changed much since the initial run of the Sovereign class; both the USS Sovereign and USS Enterprise-E had proven that the traditional bridge design that Starfleet had been pushing for decades upon decades worked well and those that were in charge of the Sovereign Class at the shipyards saw little reason to change that, thankfully. It it wasn't broke, don't fix it. Plus she had seen the monstrosity of a bridge that they were putting into the Odyssey Class ships and was glad to avoid something like that; along with the damned holo-display consoles that had started to pop up in the newest ships. Again, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

The bridge itself was still torn apart with yard engineers running around trying to put it all back together again. The starboard consoles had the alert lights above them blinking a pale orange and the port consoles, well, they just weren't on at all. Most of the rest of the Bridge had similar issues along with the Captains seat out and out missing.

The Admiral arched an eyebrow. "Welcome to the Bridge, Captain Caldwell. I assure you the yard engineers will have the Hyperion ready in time for it's launch date. I was unaware the Captain's chair was not in place but that will be corrected shortly."

Anna smiled as she looked around, happy no one felt the need to shout the announcement that she had arrived. "I have no doubt everything will be ready in time."

The Vulcan nodded. "If you would follow me Captain."

The two weaved around the mess of the bridge and found their way to the Ready Room. It was, thankfully, not being worked on at the moment and seemed to be in top shape. The room was a blank canvas, no personal touches at all, but that would change. Anna sat behind the desk, her desk she corrected herself, and let out small sigh. The room, while impressive, seemed oddly small compared to the rest of the ship.

The Admiral handed her a PADD. "Here is a list of the senior staff that has been assigned to you."

Anna scrolled though the PADD. "Quite the list. A Chodai? We don't see to many of that species on ships, I'm rather eager to meet him. Commander Korrath has quite the impressive record. Hell, most of these people do. I was under the impressions that the Sovereigns were ditching the strategic operations divisions?"

The Vice Admiral arched her eyebrow, yet again. "Most are, yes. The Hyperion will operate under different circumstances, however. While you operate under the Forth Fleet, you will be operating more in the core of the Federation. Starfleet Command feels that adding a strong presence to some of these areas will help stabilize Alpha and Beta quadrant operations in the long term. We feel Strategic Operations will be a vital asset in that mission profile."

Anna had to bite her tongue. If Starfleet Command wanted more stability then maybe they shouldn't have decided to let the Romulan Empire burn and then ignore the mess that came after. "I see. Well, I look forward to meeting these officers."

"Most have arrived and I have had your Yeomen send out a message to each with a meeting time. The first, with you executive officer, is in one hour at 1300. While the refit is in it's final stage I will be at Starbase 1 should you require anything of me. I will return before the launch to officially had over Command of the Hyperion to you. Good day, Captain." With that the Vulcan women simply turned around and left.

Anna sat the PADD down and let out a breath. The more she had to deal with Admirals, the less she enjoyed her job. She glanced down at the PADD. "Well, let the fun begin."



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