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Above them all

Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2020 @ 1:44pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

Mission: Interlude One - As Time Goes By
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

"Hey you!"

The tone of whomever was speaking was loud enough and aggressive enough to interrupt Lumo's study of a computer display. Lumo gently tapped the control panel to pause her review of the latest findings from the excavations on Hanoran II. Artefacts recovered confirmed hypothesis' that Marsuka was a key figure in the political and cultural upheaval of the Sixth Epoch. It was all quite riveting really for a specialist in ancient cultures.

The speaker was azure-shirted science officer who was a complete stranger to Lumo, but then again almost everyone on this ship was a stranger to her. The new arrival was human, shorter than Lumo by a good few centimeters with red hair pulled back in a severe bun.

"Are you talking to me?" Lumo asked turning her chair everso slightly to face her.

"Don't you treat officers with respect? Not only did you not stand up when I came in, but you didn't have the common courtesy to address me properly. I want your name and I want it now."

Just lovely. One of those officers. For every good member of Starfleet, there were quite a few who had no business being there. People fundamentally damaged who loved to use and abuse official authority for their own ends. Lumo didn't know what her problem was. Was she secretly deeply insecure? Did she not have enough love as a child? Was her breakfast cold this morning? Whatever the reason, Lumo knew better than to respond in the heat of the moment with logic and reason.

"My name is Lumo, ma'am."

"Well Luma, You're on report. Now I want to you take this readiness report to the Chief Science Officer."

"Respectfully ma'am, aren't readiness reports only to be delivered by section heads?"

"That may have been the case wherever you came from, Crewman, but I'm an officer and I've just given you an order. Or perhaps you'd prefer the disciplinary charge of disobeying a superior officer."

The muscles of Lumo's jaw worked. "No ma'am."

"Good. I'm too busy, that's what you people are for." The red-headed officer handed over the PADD and sauntered away. Lumo suspected by the way the woman carried herself that she was used to getting exactly what she wanted. Not only had she got Lumo's name and rank wrong, not to mention treating a subordinate with complete disrespect, the woman didn't even know basic operating procedure aboard a ship. Her use of 'you people' meant that the woman obviously thought she was above everyone.

"Excuse me, Ma'am." Lumo called out to the disappearing officer. The woman spun on her heels, turning to face Lumo.

"Yes?" she spat, annoyed that someone was still talking to her.

"The Chief Science Officer will want to know who sent this report. If I might have your name?"

"I'm Lieutenant Moxley. Are we done?"

"Lieutenant Moxley, Right. Thank you, Ma'am. Computer, what is the location of the Chief Science Officer?"

"The Chief Science Officer is in the main science laboratory." The computer responded in that typical pleasing feminine tone.

A discrete, officially-phrased, comment, to the head of the department should deflate the red-headed haridin a bit.


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