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USS Hyperion

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Shall we begin?

Posted on Sat Apr 18th, 2020 @ 12:55pm by Lieutenant Vitor Silveira

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion - Phaser control room
Timeline: Current

Vitor stood up and went to the replicator, he rubbed his eyes taking of the cup for his third expresso.
He took a long sip as he looked at the room. It was fairly empty, besides himself there were four crewman inside, each paired and working on different consoles.
They were from the shipyards engineering teams and Vitor had yet to meet any other from his department.
He was working on the starboard array, as Lieutenant Kennedy asked him, and for the first time he was wondering about his transfer.

The Hyperion was still shaping up, it had that new ship smell, but it wasn't yet ready. That was the big diference from the Sovereign. When Vitor arrived there it was already a ship of the line, and most of the issues it had were solved. Here, now, was laid a hole new challenge. And he was struggling with it.
But has always he just rolled up his sleeves and went head on into the problem, which was why he was on his third coffee.

Troubleshooting the phaser array Vitor sat down at the console. He took his time to really put the finger on the problem. The installation was flawless by the engineers, but the problem was in the connection and alignment of the emitters. Probably due to time constrains, tasks changes or the usual mess in fitting a new ship nobody bothered to set the final alignments on the array.

The emitters computer links were out of sink and Vitor had manually reconfigured them. The alignment required a lot more work and that was what had Vitor exasperated. Even rescuing himself with his notes from the Sovereign it wasn't going as planned.

It took him another hour to realize he could use some help. His progress was slow, but he could speed it up if he asked for the right help. A joint venture between Tactical and Engineer would make his job easier. Vitor nodded to himself, took a look at the crew roster and stood up, speaking to himself.

"Time to meet up the Engineer boss. Then we will get this array fixed."


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