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We come to serve

Posted on Wed May 6th, 2020 @ 9:17am by Lieutenant Commander 1 1 & 1 1 & Captain Anna Caldwell

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Before Launch


[Captain's Ready Room]

Anna sat the PADD down and let out a breath. The more she had to deal with Admirals, the less she enjoyed her job. She glanced down at the PADD. "Well, let the fun begin."

"Fun...enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure" A female voice stated in emotionless tones. "I did not know Starleet Captains were permitted to have fun..." While the tone was emotionless, there may have been the slightest flash of a twinkle in her eye.

At the Ready Room door the Vulcan female Admiral had been replaced by another Vulcan female. Tall, athletic, with angular but attractive features and dressed in a dark Vulcan gown, brightened with a purple Federation Diplomatic Service sash.

"I do not mean to intrude, Captain" She continued smoothly. "I was being given a tour of the ship and was unaware of your presence."

The woman crossed over to Caldwell's desk "I am Lesai, Federation Diplomatic Envoy." She offered her hand and the traditional Vulcan professional greeting "I come to serve. I have been assigned to your ship and mission." She gave a small bow.

Anna stood to return the bow. "Welcome aboard. It is no intrusion, I welcome the distraction from" Anna gestured all around the PADDS "All of this. Sadly this is about all the fun Starfleet Command let us have these days. These days Starfleet doesn't like to just let us Captains point the ship in one direction and just make our own fun; probably because people like Kirk and Pike had just a little bit too much fun back then."

"Ah yes" Lesai nodded "I am not sure the universe was really for all that Human exuberance..."

A moment later the door opened. A male Vulcan Officer entered, wearing Science Teal and Lieutenant Commander's pips. "Lesai, I requested you not wander off. This is the Captain's Ready R... -" He trailed off seeing the Captain was in residence.

"Ahem..." He recovered quickly and came to attention "Captain Caldwell. Greetings, I am Lieutenant Commander Tolkath, your Chief Science Officer. I come to serve. I apologize for the intrusion Captain, we were not aware you were yet aboard."

He offered an explanation "I was showing my wife the Bridge when I noticed the Shipyard Engineers were installing the Bridge science panel incorrectly. I did not know she had disturbed you." His eyes flicked to his wife.

"The Captain and I were discussing fun" Lesai responded levelly, returning her husband's gaze.

"Fun?" Tolkath's eyebrow raised quizzically, looking between the two women.

Anna gave the Vulcan man a very slight smile. "Indeed Commander. Well, at least as much fun as Starfleet Command let's us have." Anna tugged her uniform and sat down behind the desk. "Please, have seat. It's a pleasure to meet you Commander."

"Ahem.. Yes..." Tolkath was unsure there was a regulation covering the limitations of fun, he would check later. He crossed to Caldwell's desk and sat down next to his wife who had already taken a chair. "Thank you Captain, it is good to meet you also." He sat stiffly attentive.

Lesai watched her husband from the corner of her eye as his professional, on duty, demeanor emerged.

"It's a pleasure to have you both aboard. As Starfleet Command likes to remind me, we are a ship of the line now and a 'symbol of the Federation', so the more experienced diplomatic staff I have onboard, the better. Something tells me you'll be in high demand."

Lesai nodded her head elegantly. "Thank you Captain. The Federation has faced many challenges since it's inception. Although in the past those have always brought us together in a common purpose and goal, often to overcome a serious external threat.

Perhaps now we may face the greatest challenge yet, to hold together and stay united when there are increasing internal divisions, some obvious but others less known and perhaps more dangerous for that.

I am sure there will be demands on all of our skills in the months ahead" Her voice and demeanor did not betray her concerns at the very real possibility of the grave situation the Federation was facing.

Caldwell scrolled though the PADD and turned to Tolkath. "From what I see here, you recently completed the command training program? I assume you would be amenable to take a few shifts as the officer in charge on the bridge?

"Of course Captain" Tolkath agreed. "Since we do not yet have any research projects with the Science division I available as required" He had been working his way through the operational manuals for the Sovereign Class and would have the majority of them committed to memory within a few days.

Anna nodded. "Wonderful. We still have a good chunk of staff to pick up once we get to Starbase 72, so we are running a little thin. For the moment, I'll have you take second shift on the bridge. We'll also be picking up some research projects at 72. The Hyperion won't be on the front lines of uncharted space, but, with us being so close to core territories Starfleet Sciences intends to use us for research projects from time to time, so I am sure you will hear from them. With any luck we'll being able to getting some real research done between settling disputes around the Alpha Quadrant."

"Thank you Captain" Tolkath nodded "With your permission I shall continue on to inspect the science laboratories directly"

Anna nodded. "Of course Commander. Dismissed."

Tolkath stood and nodded formally.

His wife, rose to her feet and inclined her head "Thank you Captain, I look forward to working with you and perhaps a further discussion of fun" There was perhaps that twinkle in her eye again.

The pair departed leaving Caldwell to her work.



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