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Posted on Sun May 10th, 2020 @ 2:11am by Lieutenant Fynn Daros & Lieutenant Vitor Silveira

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion
Timeline: Current


Vitor walked out of the phaser control room with a renewed purpose. If he could enlist the help from engineering he could finish his task much faster, he managed to get it half way done after all.
Now that the emitters were aligned, he was hopping that a two hand work cut down in half the time required to bring online the entire phaser strip. After that it was only a matter of targeting and power alignment.

With that in mind he had checked the crew roster, searching for the Chief Engineer. He was gambling that he might already be aboard, if he was wrong then he would think of something else.
He tapped his combadge to open a line.

"Tactical officer Silveira to Lieutenant Daros. Can I have a word Sir?"

Standing in main engineering consulting with a subspace field specialist, Fynn glanced up from the PADD in hand and toggled the channel open. "Lieutenant Daros here. Go ahead." He quickly added his authorization to the PADD and handed it back to the specialist so they could get back to work, then began accessing the basic crew roster to see who he was speaking with.

Vitor slowed his pace as he spoke.

"I was wondering if you are on the Hyperion and if I can ask for your assistance?"

"Indeed I am, lieutenant," Daros replied, skipping back a pace to make room as a diagnostic assembly was moved through. "And you can certainly ask, at which point I can tell you whether it's within my power to be of any help." Turning, the engineer returned to his office where it was a little quieter. "What do you need?"

Vitor smiled and turned left heading to the nearest turbolift.

"An extra pair of hands, Engineering access codes and time. I am working on the starboard phaser strip and with that I might get it ready in a few hours." Even if Lieutenant Daros couldn't see him he smiled and tilted his head, in apologetic expression. "I hope that's not asking too much Sir."

"Well, since the captain would probably appreciate the ability to fire back in the event of an emergency, we can safely say that the defensive systems are of sufficient priority to warrant attention," Daros replied as he leaned over the monitors in his office console. He currently had seven level-one diagnostics underway on the Slipstream drive and various other systems, which gave him time before the results were due in. "Let me grab some diagnostic gear, and I can meet you there in ten minutes."

Again, although he couldn't be seen, Vitor nodded and smiled in agreement.

"Thank you Sir, I am heading to the forward tactical sensor suite on deck 8, I think we can work from there. Silveira out."

Vitor quicken his pace, he wanted to speed things up, since the Lieutenant was kind enough to give him a hand Vitor didn't want to bother him longer then needed. Surely the Chief Engineer would have a lot more in his hands right now.
Entering the small room Vitor quickly logged in on the console and brought the systems online.

With minor delays, and being stopped by work crews along the way who had questions, it was closer to twenty minutes before Daros finally entered the room at a quick pace, slinging his equipment case up to sit on top of an inactive console, and he turned to give a nod of greeting. "Lieutenant Silveira, I presume," he greeted, matching the face to the image in his personnel file. "My apologies for my tardiness. It's difficult to walk these corridors at the moment without having to field a multitude of questions along the way. However, I'm here now, and I am -so to speak- all yours."

Vitor turned when he noticed someone entering and arched his eyebrow at the new arrival. He didn't researched Lieutenant Daros bio, and was surprised by his appearance. Quickly he widen his smile and walked closer to the Chief, but his curiosity bug began to bite the back of his mind.

"No problem Sir, I am thankful for your assistance." He offered a slight bow. "And I think we are both on it, we can speed up this." As he spoke he kept staring at the Daros. Not fighting it further he let his curiosity take the best of him, he wouldn't be able to properly work anyway if he didn't.

"If your permit me asking, where are you from Sir?"

"Antares shipyards," the engineer replied, flipping the equipment case open before he pulled out a type-IV micro-inducer, and checked the calibration of the tool. "Been there for over a year, overseeing final construction of several starships." He motioned vaguely around them. "I expect that expertise is why I was selected for this assignment. However, if you were asking where I am from originally, then I am Chodai, from Chodar Prime. There aren't many of us in Starfleet, so it's of no surprise that my face does not 'ring any bells', as the saying goes." Satisfied with the micro-inducer, he set it back in the case, and pulled out a technical tricorder. "And please. If you have questions, then feel free to ask. I'm not classified."

Vitor nodded and smiled, relieved now that his curiosity was satisfied for now and he could ask for more if he wished. The lieutenant was right, Chodar didn't rang any bells with Vitor.

"Thank you you Sir, and since you don't mind, I will." He tilted his head and shrugged. "I am curious by nature. And I see we have something in common, I was on the Sovereign before being transferred here." He opened his arms in frustration. "I also thought my expertise would be useful here, but alas I am still struggling." He offered his PADD to Lieutenant Daros. "I have aligned the emitters but I can't link the array. I tried all the notes and charts I used on the the Sovereign, but... I am a playing out of my courtyard. It looks more an engineering thing than tactical."

Letting his tricorder continue to scan, Fynn took the PADD to begin looking over the data already accumulated; it made no sense to repeat what had already been tried, without positive results. And from what he could tell, the previous efforts had been done correctly. "So. Why aren't you talking? Are we just not feeling it today? Something's a little off?" he asked, directing the question to the ship, before adjusting the scan paramaters, and nodding at Vitor. "Every ship, especially at this stage when they're just waking up and haven't yet found their footing, have a voice. It's just not always easy to figure out what they're trying to say. However, you would seem to be a good listener; everything you've tried is no different than I would have done. If we need another set of hands to repair an array in a crisis, I'll know who to call."

"Well I don't usually talk that much with the ship, but I see your point." Vitor replied with a smile. "I will gladly help you in any repair regarding the ships weapons and shield systems. Although I admit it's been a lesson in humility since I arrived. Perhaps that is my mistake, I keep seeing the Hyperion like the Sovereign. I think it's time I recognize it has it's own... Spirit." Vitor turned to the console. "My apologies father of the Sun, at least I hope I got the right Hyperion." He turned to the Lieutenant Daros and winked. " After all such a vessel was surely named as one of the Greek Titans."

"That sounds like some... what's the expression? 'Mighty big shoes to fill,'? Let's hope she is up to the task." With a glance at the tricorder results, Fynn moved to the workstation and started initiating a series of low level diagnostics. "And what of yourself? Is Earth where you call home? Or do you hail from elsewhere?"

"Born and raised on Earth, or Terra, as we call it on my native language. My origins are in the Southwest of Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula, on a region known as Portugal. I traveled a bit, my father was a Starfleet officer and my mother a civilian trader but when I needed to settle down for school and those things I ended up staying with my grandparents on Earth."

Vitor leaned a bit to take a peek on the Lieutenants work. "Found anything on our titan?"

"Maybe." Fynn watched the diagnostics results scroll by on the console,then looked over at Vitor. "Everything is looking fine, according to these results." He motioned past the lieutenant. "Would you mind performing some minor sabotage? Disconnect the targeting scanner, perhaps. I need some alternative results for comparison."

Vitor tilted his head and arched his eyebrows. Not exactly the approach he would follow, but that was why he asked for help, his attempts had failed. "That's an original angle..." Vitor leaned down and manually disconnected the targeting scanner. "Did that help?"

Fynn fell silent as he restarted the diagnostics, and watched the results for several moments, then slowly smiled. "No change at all. Everything still looks perfect." He nodded, and reached over to retrieve his tricorder and toss it back into the case. "Which means, we've found the problem. You haven't been able to get the phaser array operational, because the diagnostic sensors have been telling you nothing is wrong, and since it's still telling us that even when we *know* it's not right, it's the sensor that's at fault. Perhaps it was an error in replication, or during installation, we won't know without analyzing it later. In the meantime, we get that replaced, and Hyperion shouldn't have any trouble telling us what the problem is."

"And that was why I needed extra help, there goes the chance for a quick fix." Vitor nodded to the Lieutenant. "Thank you again for your help. I have to report to Lieutenant Kennedy, and if you need an extra hand or any help you can count on me Sir."

"Appreciate the offer. I hope things are quiet enough that I never need to take you up on it." Fynn nodded as he accessed the workstation, and began filling out a work ticket for his engineering crews. "Don't worry about the array. I'll get a team in to go over those sensors, replace whatever is defective, and get the weapons back online." He offered the lieutenant his hand as was the human custom, and gave it a shake. "It was a pleasure working with you."



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