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Away We Go

Posted on Thu May 7th, 2020 @ 2:22am by Captain Anna Caldwell & Lieutenant Commander 1 1 & Lieutenant Michael Kennedy & Lieutenant Jaegar Carrick & Lieutenant Fynn Daros & Lieutenant Vitor Silveira & Ensign William Rye & Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion - Bridge
Timeline: Current


[Bridge – USS Hyperion]

Anna gave her uniform tunic a tug as she sat down in the captains chair. The bridge of the Hyperion was a hub of activity as the staff from the San Francisco Fleet Yards finished their last minute preparations. 11 months ago the Hyperion was docked at the fleet yards for its first heavy level check and refit; a refit that also included fitting the ship with the new Slipstream drive.

The ship itself was primed and ready to go, all staff had reported aboard and the ship had been loaded with cargo bound for Betazed and Starbase 72. The side panel in Anna’s chair beeped with the newest report: SFFY had given the all clear and all yard personnel were leaving the ship.

Tapping the ship wide comm button, Anna spoke. “All hands, prepare for departure. Senior staff to the Bridge”

The doors to turbolift 1 opened with a swish and the lithe form of Vice Admiral T’Prit stepped onto the Bridge.

“Admiral on the Bridge!” a random Ensign barked as the bridge snapped to attention.

The Vulcan women nodded and motioned the crew to stand at ease. Anna smiled as she stood. “Welcome to the Bridge Admiral”

The Vulcan women nodded. “Thank you, Captain. Is the Hyperion ready to depart?”

Anna nodded “Aye ma’am. The senior staff is enroute to the bridge. Would you care to observe our departure?”

“I would. The jump to slipstream should be fascinating to observe.”

Anna nodded and motioned to the chair to her left as the lift doors opened and the senior staff came pouring out, minus Lieutenant Daros, who was monitoring the ship from main engineering. “Please have a seat Admiral. It should be quite the show.”

She sat back down in her chair and took a deep breath, the more authoritative captain’s tone entering her voice. “Senior staff to stations. Prepare for immediate departure.”

The crew, while new to the Hyperion, were all seasoned officers. Postings aboard Sovereign Class ships were rare and coveted and given to the officers that had either put in their dues and performed well or young officers who showed great ability. This quick run to Betazed and Starbase 72 would be an easy task for them.

Tolkath had arrived early, as was his custom and completed a final check of the science panel. His fingers danced over the controls with practiced ease as he set up the system for departure. "Captain, sensors are configured for slipstream velocities" He reported to Caldwell.

The increase over conventional warp speed necessitated an upgraded sensor suite capable of scanning far ahead of a the vessel travelling at slipstream. Tolkath had them set at maximum range for the journey.
"Science is ready for departure" He announced

Anna nodded at the Vulcan. "Thank you Commander"

Lieutenant Jaegar Carrick was at his station. He scanned his console. There was one yellow light.
He tapped a couple of keys, the yellow light turned to green. "All systems are green, Captain."

Having been forced into a short wait for the turbolift, Will Rye arrived on the bridge slightly later than he had intended. Exiting the lift just as the Captain called for everybody to prepare for departure, the Ensign moved swiftly across the bridge, offering the officer that had been manning his place a smile and a thank you as they departed and he slid into the seat that he would be no doubt spending many hours in.

A quick glance over the console in front of him indicated that they were still awaiting the drydock to release it's hold on the Hyperion although looking around, a few moments more were probably needed, "Ma'am, dock control reporting that we will be cleared shortly but they require a few minutes more."

Vitor stood quietly at the second Tactical station. Lieutenant Kennedy haven't arrived yet, but he made sure all Tactical systems were ready. He slowly looked around as the bridge crew took their positions.
As a junior officer he would just stand in the background, and speak only when spoken to. But he was glad to be on the bridge for their departure. It was more exciting than in the lower deck.

Moments later, Lieutenant Michael Kennedy arrived at the bridge. He nodded to Lieutenant Silveira who took his place at a secondary tactical position.

“Lieutenant , retract all moorings and signal engineering to switch to ship power systems. Ensign Rye, as soon as we are clear take us out of dock, full thrusters.”

A duo of ‘Aye Ma’am’ rang out as the officers went about their duty. The Sovereign Class ship hummed to life as she reached full power; the floor vibrating every so slightly as the ship gracefully left spacedock.

Smiling as he slipped so easily into his comfort zone, as soon as the indicator was showing green, Will put a little power into the forward maneuvering thrusters. It took a moment for the power to build but slowly the Hyperion began to move.
The further they moved, the more speed he added until finally the Sovereign class starship slipped entirely free of the drydock that had held her for so long. “We are clear of dock, Captain.” Ensign Rye announced.

“Excellent driving, Ensign. Set course for sector space, full impulse”

"Yes Ma'am" Rye said, his focus remaining on his console as he spoke. The Hyperion banked gracefully to port as she picked up speed and it took a great deal of self control from the Ensign not to giggle with delight as a dream was realized.

Anna felt the slight leap as the internal dampers compensated for the new speed. It took barely any time for the ship to clear the Sol system; the blue orb of Pluto passing by the viewscreen ever so gracefully.

Tolkath, oblivious to the view, had his head down over his panel monitoring sensor readouts. So far the suite was functioning at full capacity and all data appeared normal.

It took a few minutes but quickly the Hyperion was on her way, "Captain, we've cleared the Sol system and are now in Sector space."

Anna nodded. “Thank you Ensign. Bridge to Engineering, status report.”

Pushing past the crewmen he had been consulting with, Fynn slapped the edge of his hand on the workstation to open a channel. "Engineering here, captain. Hyperion is showing green across the board, and all critical systems are standing by." He glanced around engineering a moment, then turned to regard the main reactor core. "She's ready to show what she can do."

“Thank you Lieutenant. All hands, Black Alert. Prepare for slipstream jump.”

The Bridge darkened, a soft trill echoing across it, as the computer routed power to propulsion and structural integrity.

“Helm, set course for Betazed and prepare to engage slipstream.”

Tolkath rechecked the sensor settings, all were at full power and focused ahead of the ship's intended trajectory.

Taking a breath, Rye input the course coordinated. "Course set, Ma'am." Taking a deep breath and glancing toward the Ops station, he knew what was coming next.

Anna leaned forward. “Well then, let's get a move on. Ensign, punch it.”

The ship shuttered as all 685 meters of the vessel started to propel itself forward far faster than ever intended.

Jaegar glanced down at his console and back up, "All things considered, the ship is holding up pretty well."

The initial jump had been smoother than the simulations that he and Lieutenant Jaeger had run and that was saying something as the simulations had gone relatively well. Shooting a quick glance up toward the main viewer as the Slipstream tunnel formed infront of them, all the early readings were solid.

The viewscreen erupted into a brilliant blue tunnel as the Hyperion entered the slipstream tunnel.

"Course is drifting slightly but not beyond anything expected," Spinning in his chair to look back at his CO, he couldn't stop a grin rising, "We are at slipstream Ma'am, ETA to Bezazed 7 minutes!"

Jaegar eyes were solely on his console, "Phase variance is normal."

Tolkath concurred, sensor data indicated the ship and quantum drive were functioning flawlessly.

“Excellent job everyone.” Anna tapped at her side console as reports flooded in. “When we arrive establish orbit above…”

Suddenly Carrick's console let out a screeching alert as the ship jerked and shuddered. "Captain, phase variance is rising."

Tolkath's hands flew across his panel, the senor readouts were providing confusing data, some of which appeared to be contradictory but which was clearly occurring. The long range results showed a stable quantum field extending ahead of the ship, through the quantum barrier...

Yet input from the ventral sensors and particularly those nearest the ship's deflector array were reporting fissures forming in the slipstream immediately surrounding the vessel.

"Quantum harmonic oscillation is rising to dangerous levels" He reported to Caldwell "I recommend dropping out of the slipstream Captain"

"I agree with you on that matter Commander. Where are we going, Mr. Rye?"

Vitor rose an eyebrow.

Staring at his console that was now basically screaming at him, his hands moved furiously over it as Rye fought to regain control, "Course is..." Drifting would be an understatement now, "I don't know. We're speeding up Captain, helm controls are real sluggish."

Anna gripped her arm rests as the ship continued to shudder and buck. “Bridge to engineering, report!”


With a lunge across the pitching deck, Fynn clutched at the edge of the slipstream monitoring station, his optics scanning rapidly over the readouts. "Captain, there's some sort of overload in the quantum matrix. Initiating emergency..."

He scowled as fingers worked the controls for a moment, then repeated the commands a second time, followed by a series of hissing expletives in Chodaran. "Propulsion systems are not responding! Drive power is continuing to increase, and hull stress is approaching ninety percent of maximum tolerance, and rising." He clutched the console as the deck bucked violently, and a conduit ruptured on the far side of engineering. Around the core, the forcefield flickered and crackled dangerously.


“Helm, emergency stop!” Barked Anna.

"Helm controls aren't responding. We're still gaining speed Ma'am, approaching tolerance threshold. I don't know where we're going but we're passing Betazed."

Jaegar spoke up, "Phase variance is hitting dangerous levels. Shields are failing."

“Red Alert!” Barked Anna. “Engineering, cut the power to the slipstream. Override it manually if you have to.”


"Wait one." The engineer quickly input the commands, and as before, received no response to his commands. "Unable to comply. Plasma manifolds are refusing commands to cut power." He pushed off to cross back over to the main diagnostic station, even as the lights flickered a moment, and the blown conduit spat another gout of plasma into a bulkhead.

"Captain, core injectors are locked and unresponsive! There's a runaway reaction taking place in the main core!" He turned, pointing out two crewman by the main doors. "You two, go! Antimatter storage bay. Disconnect the feeds manually!"

He turned as a section of the deck plating visibly buckled. "We can't take a whole lot more of this, sir! Structural integrity is approaching critical all across the hull. Recommend core ejection procedures..."


Anna glanced at the Vice Admiral, looking as calm as ever, and she nodded softy. “All hands, evacuate outer hull and secure yourselves.”

Tolkath jammed his knees up under his panel and wedged himself in his seat as the ship bucked and rolled, buffeted by the incredible acceleration it was achieving. Pushed well beyond it's design limits part of his mind flickered on the likelihood it would very shortly simply disintegrate ending the existence of all on board.

There was almost a moment of regret that he and Lesai had not yet started a family but he crushed that and focused on the task at hand.

"Now reading multiple, and expanding, fissures in the slipstream quantum field walls" He reported. On the viewscreen the usual hazy gray smoke rings of a conventional slipstream were being torn open with arcs and flashes of blue lightening.

"I calculate an eighty seven percent chance we will be thrown through one within the next ninety five seconds." He reported. Then, one by one, the sensor readouts began to fade as they were unable to keep up with the rapidly increasing velocity.

He glanced at the last functioning readout just just before it blinked out. "Sensors are failing. We have overshot Betazed by at least three hundred and seventy light years. Unable to determine current location or where we may be ejected." He ended flatly, there was nothing to do now but endure the next few moments.

Anna let out a grunt as the ship lurched yet again, her left arm rest jabbing into her side. "Understood Commander. At this point, we could end up in the middle of Breen space and I'd still be happy."

“Structural integrity failing. We will loose the outer hull in 64 seconds and the port nacelle pylon will detach in 77 seconds. If that occurs, we will loose altitude control and the ship won’t survive leaving the slipstream.” Nearly every light on Carrick's console was a deep red as the ship rocked violently and console’s blew out along the back wall.

“Engineering, dump the core! Now!” Anna gripped her console as she prepared for a rather violent drop from slipstream.


"Understood." He slapped his workstation, and an additional, strident alarm sounded throughout main engineering. "Evacuate engineering immediately!" The crew barely had time to begin a mad scramble for the exits when the emergency bulkheads began to drop.

"Emergency systems..." He scowled again he worked the controls, running a rapid ODN bypass. "...are online. Initiating core dump in four... three..."

With a dull thump, superheated coolant running through the bulkhead behind the plasma leak, exploded in a shower of duranium shrapnel and caustic steam across engineering. Fynn's countdown stopped as the blast knocked him back from the console into the bulkhead behind with a crunch, and he stared in a daze at the core as the protective forcefield flared under the assault, and failed. With a dull boom, the bulkheads dropped solidly into place.


The computer let out a shrill alert. Structural integrity failing. Loss of life imminent. Emergency deceleration in 4…3…2…1

“Now you decide to do something” Anna muttered. “All hands, brace, brace!”

Vitor shut down power to his console as he tried to hold it tighter. He crossed a glance with another junior officer in one of the side stations, sensing her panic. That was enough to distract him as he lost balance and fell forward, flying over his console.

Lieutenant Kennedy looked towards the young officer he'd relieved. Both were now white knuckled as they held onto their consoles. As he looked around the bridge, he saw a similar expression on everyone's face. This might be the end. Once those thoughts entered the front of his mind, he experienced something he hopes he never would again - his life flashed before his eyes.

[Sector 881; Southern Alpha Quadrant]

The inky gray blackness of space was replaced with a bright blue flash as the Sovereign Class ship came hurtling out of it’s slipstream. Various pieces of the Hyperion’s outer hull flew off, it’s nacelles flickering out as the ships RCS thrusters managed to slow the ship. The ship hung in space, battered and broken, but still in one piece. The port nacelle slowly lost its glow as various pieces of the ships outer hull drifted by. Most ships would have faltered, but Hyperion did not.


The bridge lighting had failed, the bright red tone of the alert lights providing most of the illumination. Most of the consoles were inoperative and few officers remained in their seats. Various pieces of the bridge were everywhere, conduits hanging from the ceiling, and the smell of burnt electronics filled the air.

Tolkath returned to consciousness. He was still alive he noted. He took in his situation, keeping his eyes closed as he mentally examined his body, not initially finding anything broken or injured, although he could taste blood in his mouth and thought he had bitten his lip.

He was laying on his back, the deck under him was hard and cool; which, he quickly realized, contrasted with the unusual and increasingly uncomfortable sensation of warmth he was now experiencing in his left foot and ankle. He lifted his head, opened his eyes and looked down his body.

"Ah..." His pant leg was on fire, as was the base of the science panel.

He sat up and slapped out the small flames on his trouser leg. Then reached up under the panel, flipped open a small access port and activated the manual fire suppression system. There was a hiss of compressed air and a cloud of white gas enveloped the panel, extinguishing the flames.

Tolkath took hold of the arm of his chair, clambered to his feet and looked around the devastated Bridge.

Will had tried desperately to stay in his chair but had ended up laying against the wall by the ready room door. Pushing himself back to his feet, the Ensign took a moment to take in what was left of the Bridge, "That definitely wasn't how the simulations went." He uttered quietly. His left arm was throbbing with pain as was his ankle but Rye managed to get back to his station, not that it was any use, "Helm console is dead."

Giving up on any of the consoles, most of which were simply blank and probably lacking any type of power source, Ensign Rye set about helping others back to their feet.

Jaegar accepted Rye's offer of help. He found his console lacking. Jaegar staggered over to one of the wall consoles. "Captain, we're getting damage reports from all over the ship." He paused, "Casualty reports too. None of them good."

Anna grunted softly, picking herself up off the floor and sitting back into her chair. The Admiral did the same, looking relatively unscathed. "Please tell you you have some sort of good news, Lieutenant?"

"The only good news is that the emergency bulkheads are in place. We should be able to hold together. At least long enough to assess the damage and figure out where we are."

[Science Deck]

Bouncing off the corridor walls deep within the bowels of the ship was not exactly how Lumo wanted to spend her first few hours on her new ship. Weren't they just going to Betazed? Why couldn't they find a nice quiet stellar survey? Being a lowly crew member, Lumo was was often in the dark about many things. At least those on the bridge got to see what was going on. Rising unsteadily to her feet, she attempted to gather her wits.


Vitor heard the voices around him, and slowly forced himself up. He sat for a second, looking around the bridge. With determination he stood up and went for the side cabinets, embedded on the wall, he tapped it. It took a second punch to get it to open and he grabbed the emergency medical kit.
Taking out the medical tricorder he walked straight to the Captain.

"How are you feeling Captain?"

Anna gave the man a half grimace, half smile. "In one piece, for the most part. I think I have escaped any serious harm. Bridge to sickbay, medical team report to the bridge."

"This is Dr. Valar in Sickbay." Anna tried to remember who that doctor was, but it was escaping her at the moment. "Dr. Peldma is dead, I have assumed his position. Medical teams are being dispatched throughout the ship, they will arrive on the bridge shortly."

Anna sighed. Valar was the Vulcan Assistant Chief Medical Officer; she was barely 30 minutes into the Hyperion's first mission and she'd already lost officers. She steeled herself; more would die if they didn't get this under control.

"Thank you Doctor. Bridge to engineering, damage report."


Extracting himself from the bulkhead, Fynn was aware of numerous warnings from his own self-diagnostics, though he, at least, still seemed to be largely functional. With his integrated helmet deployed against the toxic coolant leak, he stumbled over the warped deck until he could find a functional status display, and grimaced at the shreds of uniform and combadge in front of it. The Soverign class employed a coolant system that was extremely efficient, though had the unfortunate tendency to liquify organic matter on contact. Apparently, not all of his engineers had gotten out before the doors dropped.

"Well, the good news is that internal communications still seem to be operational," he reported, brushing a hand across the console to clear the screen. "Emergency life support is online. Beyond that, however... main power is down. Primary propulsion systems are offline." He took a moment to get a rough count.

"Not all damage control systems are reporting back, but from those that are, I'm reading seventeen separate hull breaches spread over most decks. Structurally... we're still here. I suppose that's something." It wasn't even the bad news that seemed to weigh so heavily, it was the lack of news, good or bad, from some areas and systems that was more troubling. "However, main core ejection was interrupted, and emergency systems managed to disengage the injectors. We've likely fractured our dylithium crystals, but we've still got an engine core."


Anna rubbed her hand over her face. "Very well. Once critical systems are at least operating at minimal levels, I want you to prioritize communications and sensors before we get the engines up and running. I need to know where we are, how to get home, and to get a message off to Starfleet so they can send a ship out after us. Pull people from the science and diplomatic staff if you need to, I’m sure a few of them are handy with a hypospanner.”


"Understood. Once things are stabilized and we have a better idea, I'll provide you with a full report." Fynn looked over as the emergency ventilation system finally began purging the coolant from the room, and he saw the thermal damage all up one side of the core. "Here's hoping that those designers really earned their pay the day they drafted the Soveriegn class."

He shook his head, more to himself than anyone else. "Engineering out."


Anna turned towards the science station, her left side of her body disagreeing with the decision. "Commander, find out where we are. I doubt we can get a solid fix but a general idea is better than nothing."

"Science panel is inoperable Captain, one moment please" Tolkath had opened the top panel and found a nothing but a smoking mess of charred circuit boards. He crossed to one of the unassigned terminals at the rear of the Bridge. A few entries later he could bring up the last of the data logs from the sensor suite before it failed. He checked and checked again, an eyebrow lifted in query, then turned to Caldwell.

"We are in uncharted space Captain" He stated dispassionately "Southern part of the Alpha Quadrant... somewhere. I will need to start a program to run the data through stellar cartography to be more exact but based on the duration of quantum speed travel and the terminal velocity before we were ejected from the slipstream I would estimate at least ten months at maximum warp from our previous location" He let that bombshell drop.

The news kept getting better and better. She turned to Lieutenant Kennedy "Anything out there on short range sensors?"

Kennedy, who still felt the dribble of blood on his face, quickly moved across his console. With limited power, the console's dim lights made it hard to read. "Sensors are barely functioning. From what I can make out, there's a planet, most likely class M, nearby. I'm not picking up any life signs, so I would assume its uninhabited." Then he paused. A quizzical look came across his face. "I don't believe it. I'm detecting a metallic object. I'm detecting a low power emissions emissions from it, but with the damage to the sensors, I can't get any more detailed.

Anna’s eye narrowed slightly. They had clearly dropped into someone's house but it appeared no one was home and hadn’t been for some time. “Take an away team to the ship Lieutenant. Go by shuttle in case we loose the transporters. Find me some answers.”

Kennedy nodded, "Lieutenant, let's go."

Vitor raised his head and took a step further, hoping Lieutenant Kennedy noticed him. He hoped he could join the away team, but he would do as he was ordered.

"Permission to accompany the Away Team, Captain" Tolkath requested. "The vessel may have navigational data we can use to calibrate our sensors once they are repaired"

Anna nodded at the Commander and opted to bring up the scans. At first things seemed rather normal, if not slightly off, which considering the state of the ship wasn't anything too off. The ship off the port bow seemed to be cobbled together of different technologies as there were multiple types of power signatures. As she scrolled down to the propulsion systems a chill ran down her spine. She knew that power signature. Every Captain did. It was a transwarp power signature. There were no sign of anything else odd on the ship, except for that one thing. If this really was a ship cobbled together with various tech then maybe they had found their ticket home.

She pushed that aside for the moment and turned to Carrick. "Mr. Carrick, head down the engineering and assist Lieutenant Daros with repairs and coordinating the repair teams."

There wasn't much he could do on the bridge anyway and getting engineering back up and running would have the most bearing on their long term survivability. He nodded, "On my way, Captain."

"Mr. Rye, do what you can to get some sort of helm control and start pulling all the logs from the slipstream jump the moment the computer links are back up."

"I'll do my best Ma'am" Rye replied, a wave of dread washing over him as he hoped dearly that it was not something he had done that had caused this. As unlikely as it was, it was a feeling that he wasn't going to be able to shake until the report analysis showed it.

She was deeply concerned with the fact the computer systems malfunctioned so badly and tossed them off course. One thing at a time though. The answer to that question would matter precious little unless they could get home.



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