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A Derelict?

Posted on Mon Jun 1st, 2020 @ 9:53am by Lieutenant Commander 1 1 & Captain Anna Caldwell & Lieutenant Michael Kennedy & Lieutenant Vitor Silveira & Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: Near Space - Arrow Class Runabout Herse & Alien Ship
Timeline: Twenty minutes after emergency stop

The ship off the port bow seemed to be cobbled together of different technologies as there were multiple types of power signatures. As she scrolled down to the propulsion systems a chill ran down her spine. She knew that power signature. Every Captain did. It was a transwarp power signature. There were no sign of anything else odd on the ship, except for that one thing. If this really was a ship cobbled together with various tech then maybe they had found their ticket home.


[Arrow Class Runabout Herse]

"I think that is close enough" Tolkath said to Kennedy who was piloting the Runaboaut. The Arrow slowed and came to a stop, some four hundred meters ahead lay the unusual vessel. It was clearly a chimera of numerous types and designs, in many areas roughly and crudely patched together into an ungainly but functional form.

Enroute to the shuttlebay from the Bridge he had found a moment to contact Lesai and was reassured she was uninjured during the emergency. Now he focused on the task in hand.

Growing up, Lieutenant Kennedy had always been afraid of one thing: the unknown. Whether it was swimming in the ocean, and having no idea what kind of creatures were underneath him, or that time he got lost in Yellowstone National Park not knowing which predator was stocking him - he'd decided to spend a few days without technology - that backfired.

Or more recently, when patrols along the Cardassian Border were met with near constant attacks from the Jem'hadar. There was always an added sense of anxiety when information was missing. This was the 24th century - they should always have all the information they need. Right now, with an alien ship drifting near the Hyperion, they had no idea what it was. He'd made sure to equip himself and Lieutenant Silveira with a Type III phaser rifle, and a Type II side arm. You never knew what you'd find on a potentially hostile environment.

Vitor was quietly in one of the backseats of the Herse. Inside the adrenaline was pumping but he managed to look controlled on the outside. He stood up waiting for instructions, eager to see the inside of the ship they found.

Tolkath examined the Arrow's sensor readouts. "The craft has some form of sensor dampening system. I can make out numerous power signatures, these appear to be in shut-down or standby modes. Sensors are unable to determine life signs. although there is an atmosphere. Increased levels of nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide, also temperature and humidity are above normal, but breathable"

"Any suggested species?" He looked to the Petty Officer Anthropologist he had brought along.

Lumo looked at the console and the readings that scrolled across it.

"The computer reads power configurations and metallurgy closely resembling some 11 species in the Alpha and Beta quadrants: Antaran, Denebian, Ithenite - no exact matches though. I'm not an engineer, but their systems will probably be compatible with our own."

Tolkath nodded. "I believe you are correct Mister Elnora"

He adjusted the sensors several times but was unable to get any clearer detail. "There is an airlock above the port side fin." he pointed out the location to the Kenned "It's dimensions will enable us to get a pressure seal with our docking hatch. I believe we can board there."

Lieutenant Kennedy nodded towards Commander Tolkath. He navigated the ship so that their docking port was in line with the alien ship'sir airlock. Using the navigational thrusters, he piloted the ship to within the range of the auto seal and engaged it. He heard the sound of the magnets engaging and clinging to the exterior of the other ship. With a green light appearing on his panel.

He stood up, "We're all set. Lieutenant, have the Type III phaser rifle ready and set to stun - be prepared for anything out there. I'll stick to the handheld Type II and a tricorder."

Vitor nodded and stood up. He reached for the phaser rifle, set it to heavy stun and took a side step, standing in guard.

Tolkath had drawn a Phaser from the Armory, which was holstered on his hip, and carried his Science Tricorder.

He joined Elnora and the two Security Officers at the airlock. Tapping the panel he opened The Herse's inner and outer hatches. The doors swung open to reveal and a dark gray hull with a hexagonal airlock hatch. The were no markings on the door but to one side was a small access panel. He leaned forward and flipped it open.

There were three hexagonal buttons, each with an unknown symbol. Ever practical he started with the top one and pressed it. Nothing happened.

He moved down and pressed the second one. Again nothing happened, but then before he could reach for the third button there was a whirring sound, a clunk and the hexagonal hatch began to slide to the side.

It took a moment for the hatchway to full open, beyond there was a short compartment, some eight feet in length, clearly an airlock. At the far end was another hexagonal hatch, this one had a porthole.

"Gentlemen, shall we?" Tolkath stepped through the hatches and into the airlock, finding a similar access panel at the far end, with the same three buttons. He peered through the porthole while he waited for the others to join him. There was nothing to see, the other side appeared in darkness. Although there did seem to be a faint orange glow coming from some markings on the deck inside the ship.

Kennedy stepped out behind Commander Tolkath, stepping to the side. He immediately took out his tricorder, "It appears that the metallic alloys that make up the hull are interfering with the tricorders. My scanning radius is limited to about 50 meters. I'm not detecting any life signs and power is extremely low"

Vitor was behind Lieutenant Kennedy. His heart was beating faster, but he was alert and ready. Trying to ease his nerves he smiled at the last member of the away team, and gestured for her to pass him.

"After you Petty Officer. I will guard the rear."

Lumo couldn't help but be nervous in the dark unknown space awaiting for something to happen, so she just had to scrunch whatever apprehension she was feeling into a small ball and sit on it with a smile.

Vitor raised an eyebrow as she passed and grinned, taking position behind the away team, from there he could cover them all.

Once all three were in Tolkath tried the top and bottom buttons. Nothing happened, the inner door remained closed. "I believe the inner and outer doors are inter-locked. We will need to close the outer door. Any objections?"

"None from me Commander." Once again that familiar fear of the unknown crept back into his brain. Luckily, after all these years, he'd learned to push it away fast, bu the did holster his tricorder and take out his handphaser just in case.

Vitor shook his head, raising his rifle. He was eager to see the inside of this mysterious ship.

She saw her colleagues unholster their weapons and took it as a sign that she should do the same, which she did, reluctantly. She hated weapons in general, phasers in particular - they reminded her too much of the Bajoran Occupation. At the Academy, her distaste for them got her placed on academic probation. Eventually an instructor replaced the standard holographic humanoid targets of the weapons test with incandescent coloured orbs. As scientist, one specializing in meeting alien cultures, introductions at gunpoint rarely yielded positive results.

Tolkath tapped at the button and seconds later the outer door slid closed, a moment after that the there was another clunk and the inner door slid to the side.

A warm humid mist billowed in to the airlock and the temperature rose. Tolkath knew from his TriCorder that the atmosphere was breathable but he still took the first sniff cautiously. It was heavy and dense, like the air in an equatorial jungle. There were also a number of odors, he registered metallic elements, the acrid carbon residue of something burnt and an unpleasant, odious waft of something rotten or decayed.

Lieutenant Kennedy nodded to Silvera and then followed the Commander. He noticed that Silvera though keeping up with the group, had taken a defensive position at the rear of the away team. He liked the idea and applauded the Lieutenant for making that decision. He didn't like the smell of the air here - the smell reminded him of death and who wants to think of that as they're walking down the corridor of an abandoned ship?

Lumo didn't much like the dark. Maybe she should reconsider her stance on weapons?

Vitor wrinkled his forehead as he followed the others. Carefully surveying the inside, while covering the rest of the team, he resisted his curiosity to touch the walls around them. The air had a foreign scent he couldn't identify.

The compartment beyond was dark, although on the deck there were a series of glowing orange markings. The led off left and right into the misty darkness. Tolkath stepped through the hatch, as he did so there was a flicker and more lights came on. This time above, a series of ceiling panels lit up, also orange they were not bright, but gave sufficient light to see by.

The sight was not encouraging. The compartment was a corridor, to the right and stern of the ship, it ran some three meters and ended in a doorway. The door was torn open, the frame rent and smashed, there were burn marks and soot from a fire around the top of the door. The compartment beyond it was similarly blackened, only one or two of the floor lights were illuminated, none of the ceiling ones were.

To the left and bow of the ship the corridor continued and rounded a turn to the right but it was strewn with debris. There was a jumble of broken containers, broken furniture, torn clothing and other detritus.

More ominously than the fire damage towards the stern, the bulkheads of the corridor for'ard were marked with the scars of energy weapons. There were several melted panels, burnt and twisted beams and blistered paint.

Just before the corridor made its right turn there appeared to be an obstruction, cargo containers and other equipment had been piled up, it looked like some form of hastily constructed barricade. It had not been successful in stopping whatever it had been intended to stop, since the center of it was ripped apart by weapons fire.

There were also several dark stains on the deck and what looked to be the remains of a body, The form was possibly legs or possibly three legs and part of a torso but was unrecognizable as anything much more than a charred lump of what had once being living flesh, with what appeared to be several blackened stumps of bone sticking out of it.

Tolkath consulted his TriCorder. "Unknown species, possibly insectoid, the bio matter is fused from an energy weapon. Unable to determine cellular decay rates but I do not believe this happened recently, probably several weeks ago" He announced quietly.

Seeing the assembled mess around him, Lieutenant Kennedy kept his tricorder in his left hand, and his phaser in his right - that took skill. "I wonder what happened here." He said as moved closure to the body, "I am getting strange readings here sir. By the look of the damage here it was ... this was most likely done by a disruptor."

Stepping closer to Lieutenant Kennedy and Commander Tolkath, Vitor raised his phaser rifle.
"Someone surely fired inside, a possible boarding party..." Vitor glanced at the remains and wrinkled his forehead deeply. "Whoever that is it died fighting..."

The smell and the sights added a few more ridges to her nose. She had to fight the urge to run, where could she go? She swallowed hard, fighting down the rising queasiness.

Kennedy then turned his attention towards the cargo container and materials. "I'm not expert on engineering, but we might be able to make use of some of this technology. Lieutenant Silvera and Petty Officer Elnora, can you sort through this, see what's salvageable, and then move it into the airlock? We can transfer it back before we go. Commander, it looks like there's another compartment. Should we investigate?"

Vitor raised an eyebrow. He was hoping to see more of the ship, and try to figure out what happened.

"I think we continue our exploration of the ship first Mister Kennedy" Tolkath intervened "We do not yet know the whereabouts of the crew, if any. It would not be prudent to take other's property at this time. Let us proceed for'ard." The Vulcan nodded his head for the two junior officers to come along.

[ Bridge }

Walking carefully, but still at an appropriate pace, Lieutenant Kennedy entered what appeared to be the ships bridge. It was small, with a few consoles, flickering, but still substantial disruptor damage. He moved over to a console, pressing some buttons to see if the computer would respond. No luck. He moved to another and tried the same thing, only this time, it seemed to be working, "Commander, this console is powering up, we might be able to find out what happened here."

Tolkath looked around the Bridge compartment, like the exterior of the ship it appeared to have been constructed with components from different designs and different species. He recognized the panel Kennedy pointed to. It was a Romulan helm and navigation control panel. He was familiar with Romulan script, from Vulcans and Romulans shared heritage. He crossed over to examine it.

He tapped through the controls, some were in the original Romulan but many appeared to have been over-written with more of the unknown symbols found on the airlock controls. He brought up his Tricorder and was able to link it to the Romulan parts

As the Commander continued to work on the console, Kennedy moved around the Bridge, as he passed a doorway the hexagonal panel slid open, leading into another smaller compartment, that was mostly in darkness. There was some starlight coming in from a window, there were two more positions, possibly weapons control.

Like other parts of the ship the compartment showed signs of combat and weapons damage, one of the positions was a burnt out shell and there were blast marks across the outer bulkhead including the corner of the window.

Kennedy flinched as he heard a creak from within the compartment. It was probably nothing. Then it happened again but this time there was a sudden hissing sound, he heard the emergency bulkheads activating. There must be a breach.

"You appear to have disturbed something Mister Kennedy" Tolkath commented dryly. It was probable that the change in air pressure when the door opened had been the trigger that caused a damaged seal to leak. A moment later the hissing increased and there were several ominous cracks from the window.

Vitor walked in slowly, keeping the others covered. Like the rest of the ship, the bridge had some degree of mishmash. But he kept his attention on covering and securing his comrades. When the cracking sound got louder, he rushed to Kennedy's direction, lowering his rifle.

"I don't like the sound of that..."

To Be Continued...



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