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The Hits Keep On Coming

Posted on Sun May 24th, 2020 @ 12:58am by Captain Anna Caldwell

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current

[USS Hyperion]
[Ready Room]

"Captain's Log, Stardate 64077.72. Our first mission was to be simple run to Betazed, however, as often happens, things did not go as planned. Lieutenant Daros is currently working on getting the ship back to some sort of operational state after the error in the slipstream drive dumped us here. There is damage to pretty much every deck, one of the nacelles was nearly sheered off and all primary systems are offline. I've dispatched an away team to the ship we detected in the hope that we can not only get some information about this area of space and also try to salvage anything we can; the power readings show a very advanced propulsion system and with any luck that will be our ticket home. I can't help but think back to the history of our ships namesake, Hyperion. It is said he fathered the sun, the moon and the dawn and is 'he who watches from above'. There is a small part of me that hopes he is watching from above and will give the ship that bears his name some guidance; goodness know we need it right now. Computer, end log"

Anna turned away from the window and looked out across the room. It was, mostly, in shambles. The desk was still standing thankfully and was already have covered in PADDs with various damage reports. Any lesser class of ship would have been torn apart upon leaving the slipstream; even the Iowa would have been torn to bits. She had to be at least somewhat thankful that they were still in one piece, for the most part. She was unable to shale the feeling that there was more than met the eye when ti came to the slipstream drive. While it was a new technology, and mostly untested, Starfleet had still given it the thumbs up. A dozen or so ships had already had it installed and as far as she could tell in the little bit of research she had done, none had had any issues.

Sitting down with a sigh she started sorting though PADDs again. Could there have been a random error in the drive? Of course. They may have been approaching the end of the 24th century, but the Federation was far from infallible in its technology. It still didn't make sense though; sitting down the PADD in her had she leaned back in the chair and crossed her arms over her chest. It had almost been as if the ship had locked them out of their controls under the very last second and then opted to drop them out of slipstream but there were over a dozen failsafes to keep that from happening.

The sound of the door chime interrupted "her thoughts. "Enter!"

The lithe form of the Vice Admiral walked into the room, stepping over the various bit of debris with ease. "Hello Captain. I came to check on the status of the vessel."

Anna nodded and handed over a PADD. "As you can see ma'am, it is not pretty. Lieutenant Daros is working as fast as possible but I don't see us even leaving the system for another week. The ship that we spotted on sensors holds promise for some technology scavenging, but, as soon as sensors come back online we should get a good fix on our position. At last report, engineering reported that we'll have sensors online within the hour."

The Vulcan women nodded, scrolling though PADD quickly. "And how is this ships Captain? This is a rather odd experience for a first voyage."

Anna smiled softly. "Shaken, but not broken. Those first few months I spent in the Gamma Quadrant after the end of the war pales little in comparison to this. The Hyperion is of the most powerful class of starship Starfleet had ever built and she is manned by some of the best Starfleet has to offer. We'll get though and get back home; after all, if Voyager managed to cross 70,000 light years we can surely manage to get home as well."

The Vice Admiral nodded. "I have great faith in this crew Captain."

Before Anna could speak again the comm line let out of small trill. "Captain to the bridge."

"On my way" Anna said as she stood and walked to the door, the Vice Admiral behind her.

The bridge was already in better shape than before thanks to the damage control teams getting most of the loose debris picked up; however with main power still offline the bridge was still bathed in the blood red glow of the alert lights. "Report" She said as she walked onto the bridge.

Ensign Capri, who sat at the science console, was the first to speak. "Sensors have come online. We don't have the best resolution but I have charted where we are" The young women took a deep breath. "We are in system T-99-Bravo in the far southern Alpha Quadrant, roughly 1,000 lightyears from the Sol system. At warp 8, we would arrive back in the Sol system in just over 7 months."

Anna closed her eyes and sighed. It was worse than she expected, far worse. No help would be coming. They were on their own. Even communication with Starfleet would be limited, at best. "Thank you Ensign. Please inform the away team of this development and pass along my urging that they complete their survey so that Mr. Daros can get a team over there."

"Aye ma'am. Alos, I have a better reading on the planet in the system. It's Class M with extensive signs of a civilization on the planet in the last 25 years but I read no life signs. There does seem to be a signal on the planet but we can't make heads or tails of it, but it looks to be a distress signal"

Anna nodded. They lacked an XO, who was still sitting on Betazed waiting for them, so the planet would have to wait as she certainly could not leave the ship right now. "Thank you Ensign." She looked towards the Lieutenant at the tactical console. "You have Bridge Lieutenant Dansk. Alert Engineering that I am on my way for a full status report. Something tells me that we don't want to be in this system a moment longer than we need to be."

A few 'aye ma'am's' rang out as she stepped into the lift. As it swept her away from the bridge it was hard not to wonder: what the hell else was going to pop up today.


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