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A Derelict? Continued

Posted on Wed Jun 17th, 2020 @ 4:13am by Lieutenant Commander 1 1 & Lieutenant Michael Kennedy & Lieutenant Vitor Silveira & Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: Near Space - Arrow Class Runabout Herse & Alien Ship
Timeline: Thirty Five minutes after emergency stop


[Alien Ship - Bridge]

"I don't like the sound of that..."

"Neither do I!" she added for the benefit of no-one else, if only to say it aloud that she was scared.

Vitor turned to where the noise was coming from. Wrinkling his forehead he looked around. "We have to seal that leak." He walked to a nearby bulkhead piece that was laying on the floor, it was wide enough to cover the window. He picked it up and turned to the others.

"Unless anyone got a better idea I can try and weld this around the window. But I need your help." Taking the plate to where the window was he explained his plan.

"We need to scan the right phaser frequency so that I can weld this plate around the window, it won't be a permanent solution, but it will buy us enough time." He tilted his head and smiled to Commander Tolkath. "I assume with some tricorder readings and math team work you can give me a good setting Commander."

Tolkath nodded "An admirable solution Lieutenant." He crossed over to the other compartment and scanned the bulkhead and window seal. "Tuning your phaser to a modulated harmonic at eighteen point three kilohertz should produce the desire effect."

Vitor nodded, he put down his phaser rifle and picked his hand phaser. He set it up with the values the Commander gave him, held up the plate and turned to the others.

"You better stand back, I can handle this."

With his left hand he put up the plate, covering the area where the leek was. He raised the phaser and with a deep breathe he closed one eye and fired it, pointing at the top of the plate he was holding. To his surprise the glow from the now "welding phaser" was actually bearable, he was afraid he would be blinded by its brightness. Slow and steady he managed to work around his patch, and in a few minutes it was sealed. Vitor couldn't hear the hissing after he finished, he let himself relax for a moment and he smiled.

"I think it worked."

Tolkath nodded "Well done Lieutenant" He went back to collecting data.

Kennedy made note of the work of the Lieutenant. His initiative was impressive and it looked like his skills went beyond the security/tactical department, "Good Work, Lieutenant."

Elnora smiled weakly in Kennedy's direction - more in relief that the potential danger of the moment had passed - than in good feelings towards him. She couldn't help feeling a tad envious of him in that regard. Whipping out a phaser and welding some scrap together to solve the problem just like that - calm as ever.

To be fair this wasn't her time to shine. If this were meeting a new culture or charting the demise of an ancient civilization, everyone would be looking to her for answers, so she had to give him the moment in the spotlight to show his talents.

Tolkath concluded downloading data from the helm position, it was not yet readable, but he trusted he would be able to interpret it once they returned to the ship.

"Mister Kennedy, we need to explore the rest of the ship" He said "I will take Mister Silvera and work stern-wards on the port side, you take PO Elnora and do the same on the starboard side. We will meet up in the engine compartment."

Vitor raised an eyebrow at the misspell of his name, nothing he wasn't used to. He smiled and nodded raising his phaser and taking a step closer to Commander Tolkath. "Ready when you are Sir."

Kennedy nodded towards the commander, and then towards Elnora and headed towards the port side with PO Elnora behind him.

That annoyed her. Why didn't Tolkath refer to her by her family name? She'd lost count of the number of times now that he'd used her first name, Elnora on this mission. Her first name - used by her family and friends once that had gotten to know her personally. Now, a lot of Bajorans had switched the order of their names to better fit in with other cultures, but she hadn't. As a Vulcan, surely Tolkath knew that - what with the Vulcan attitude to diversity. Still annoyed, she stepped over a small pile of debris

[ Port side ]

Tolkath led the way back out of the Bridge and past the airlock. He edged through the ruined doorway they had seen earlier. The Corridor beyond was blackened and fire had clearly raged here, there was no lighting and he raised his flash light to illuminate their path. There were several lumps of burnt bio-material on the deck. he ran his tricorder over them, again it was difficult to define a species, but there were insect-like traits.

There were three doorways to the left, two were torn open, and the rooms burnt like the corridor, the third was also unpowered and appeared jammed. The corridor turned to the right and ended in another doorway, the fire damage was less at this end and there was an illuminated panel which opened the door.

The hexagonal doorway slid to the side revealing a compartment of a completely different design. This one was large, spacious and well lit with a bright bluish-white light coming from illuminated panels that covered the ceiling.

It appeared to be some kind of hydroponic bay for it was filled with racks and racks of green and yellow plants, with spiky leaves and some form of bulbous pink fruit. But it had perhaps not been tended for sometime as many of the plants seemed to have overgrown their containers and were starting to cover the racks, deck and walls.

The walkway led forward, it was possible to make out another door some twenty meters to the rear of the compartment, though to reach it they would need to wind their way through the racks of dense and overgrown plants.

Vitor was a few steps behind the Commander. He kept his phaser rifle aimed and thoroughly looked around as they made their way along the ship. He felt like he was in an abandoned green house, and in the back of his mind he only thought of old horror stories. Somehow the smell inside reminded his of his grandparents farm, when they were cutting the weeds and pilling them up.

He looked at the door in the back and lowering his phaser he spoke to the Commander, keeping his eyes foreword.

"If you are thinking on trying that door I should go first Sir." He then turned his head. "And... May I correct you Sir?"

Tolkath raised any eyebrow

Vitor smiled as he spoke. "It's Silveira, not Silvera. It's a natural confusion, but if you permit the humor Sir, I couldn't pass the opportunity to correct a Vulcan."

Tolkath "I will endeavor to improve my pronunciation then Lieutenant" He replied. "You may proceed towards the door"

Vitor nodded and he turned to the "jungle" ahead of them. Taking small steps, pushing to the side, either with his boot, or in those higher vines with his rifle, he started opening a path for them.
He kept the scary thoughts of some giant carnivore plant raising from the vegetable mess around them on the back of his head, but he carried on carefully, attentive to anything strange, or more strange than what they found so far.

After a few minutes he was next to the door, and gestured to Commander Tolkath.

Tolkath followed on behind, scanning the plants with his Tricorder. He joined Silveira at the doorway, the door panel appeared operable and he tapped the button.

A moment later the door slid open, the corridor beyond was in semi-darkness, lit only by the floor panels. It appeared to be some kind of cargo or storage bay. There were various containers, of many different designs and configurations indicating a variety of species.

Vitor slid inside after the Commander, if the green house was scary this wasn't much better.
The thought of someone, or something, creeping out from behind or inside the containers made him more unease. He tried to cover them as much as possible, but there were a lot of blind spots.

Tolkath recognized several of the container designs, Romulan, Cardassian, Ferengi, Breen, there were even some that appeared to be old Federation designs. Consulting his tricorder he was intrigued to find they were full of engineering and technical components, everything from life support circuitry to power distribution modules.

Vitor shook his head nervously. It looked like the cargo bay of a Ferengi junkyard.
"I am not comfortable with our position here Sir, this cargo bay has a lot of hiding places..." Vitor kept his phaser aimed and looked around again.
"And it begs more question than answers... What's inside all these containers?"

"Control your emotions Lieutenant" Tolkath replied calmly "A certain level of apprehension is appropriate, but do not allow yourself to jump at shadows.

As for the containers, they hold engineering and technical components. Equipment that would prove useful in repairing our own ship. Yet these items do not belong to us. If we discover living crew we may be able to trade or barter for them"

Vitor wrinkled his forehead, at least it didn't held anything alive.
"It doesn't make sense... What the hell happened here?"

Tolkath finished his Tricorder scan. "As to what occurred here, that remains a mystery, clearly there was lethal combat, but the identify of those involved is unknown at this time.

He looked around, there were two doors leading from the compartment on the far bulkhead. "Let us proceed aft" He led the way to the closest door and tapped the panel to open it.

Vitor nodded and kept his phaser risen as he made his way inside. It looked like another cargo hold, but with a different architecture. It was fairly empty, only in the far left corner there was something Vitor couldn't distinguish. A few meters from door there was an archway form, that widen up and filled about half of the compartment, like another room was build inside it. In a few meters it sort of ended and the hull of the ship was seen on the back. As he stepped further inside all his first impressions were proven wrong.

It wasn't an add on to the ship, it was hard to describe, but it looked like a resin spill. An amber like construction that swirled around the cargo hold. With the few functional ship's lights it held a dirty amber tone, and now that Vitor was near it looked like as if someone stuffed half a giant donut on this room.

Steady Vitor went in first and covered all angles as he passed through the donut arch, it had a few dent's in it, clearly from phaser or disrupter fire, and it looked solid. A few humps broke its prefect round shape, but they weren't clear enough to see though, except the one on the left.

The shape he saw when he entered was one of those things. It looked like a bubble out of the donut but there was something inside. Barely visible there was a humanoid form inside the amber. Arms and legs pushed back as if being swallowed by the amber donut, head tilting forward in a futile escape attempt.

Vitor lowered his phaser and got closer. Surely not for the last time in his life he cursed his curiosity and raised the phaser taking a few steps back. He couldn't tell what species the humanoid was, but he could see what he had become. There wasn't any flesh visible, it looked like as if all the soft tissues of the body were gone. But the bones were clear to see, and with them the cybernetic enhancements. Borg implants. How a Borg drone ended up inside this was a mystery.
Vitor couldn't ignore the irony of an assimilated Borg who got assimilated into an amber fossil.

"Commander get in here quick." He knew they were all alone, but he kept looking in all directions. "What is this? Some sort of amber trap?"

[ Starboard side ]

As they moved down the corridor, he noticed something on the ground a few meters ahead. He looked at his tricorder and didn't detect anything.

Once they got closer, his tricorder read organic materials and he realized what it was. A body. The disruptor burns had made it unidentifiable. 'No one should go out like that.' he thought to himself. He noticed more disruptor burns on each side of the corridor, but no threats presented themselves.

"Oh! - the Prophets.." was all she could utter softly. The two officers exchanged a glance - something that spoke of worry, and regret over the fate of about whoever this was.

As they continued their approach to the engineering compartment, Lieutenant Kennedy noticed an open door to his left. He peered inside, it looked like the ships medical bay. Another body, Kennedy assumed it was the ships doctor, was towards the back of the compartment. With no lifesigns aboard the ship, the supplies that were available might come in use on the Hyperion. They'd left in such a hurry that he wasn't exactly sure what the ship would need. "Elnora, let's collect these supplies. They may be the difference between life and death on the Hyperion."

He did that name thing too, but now didn't seem the best time to correct him. From her days as a puesdo-medic, she knew her way around medical supplies. Her tricorder helped fill in some knowledge gaps.

"There's some goo here that is molecularly similar to our dermalitic gels, lots of dressings, and some medications here, but we'll need to get experts to take a closer look at what treats what." A discarded heavy duty storage case lay near by.

"Disasters can be so helpful sometimes. We'll put what we can use in here."

Lieutenant Kennedy nodded, "It's unfortunate, but this is the world we live in." As Lieutenant Kennedy gathered some miscellaneous supplies, a he heard a similar creak to the one before. He took out his tricorder once again and immediately tapped his combadge.

To Be Concluded...



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