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Medical Mayhem

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 1:38am by Ensign William Rye & Lieutenant Noah Glover

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: Sickbay - USS Hyperion
Timeline: Current

[Sickbay, USS Hyperion]

Lights flashed, alarms sounded, and crew members cried out in pain as the sick continued to rush into sickbay. Lieutenant Glover had been forced into the position of Acting Chief Medical Officer after the current Chief Medical Officer was killed during the incident. He had little time to mourn her loss, no that would have to wait until things have settled down. His Starfleet training kicked in and he buried those emotions to be felt at a later time, now people's lives depended on him.

"Sir, sir! What do I do? We have run out of beds and the patients keep coming!" a nurse shouted at him, his body shaking and his voice ragged with the stress of the situation.

"Pull yourself together ensign, I need you to remain focused for me right now. Open up surgical suites 1 through 4 and begin triaging patients. Those who do not have life-risking injuries, move them into surgical suites 3 and 4 for waiting, those who need immediate medical care but are not at risk of dying, move to suite 2, those who won't make it move to suite 1, everyone else keep in the main sickbay," Lieutenant Glover said, his voice firm yet compassionate. "Now ensign!" Glover said, his voice snapping the ensign out of his panic and jolting him into focus.

The journey down to sickbay from the bridge had been a rough one for Will. The turbolift had given out part way down and the climb the rest of the way had been exceedingly difficult with only one working arm and a plethora of other aches that had been caused as the ship had tumbled out of slipstream.

Finally arriving in sickbay, the chaos of the room caught the helmsman somewhat by surprise. Feeling a bit guilty that he couldn't be of more use, Rye made sure to dodge those rushing about the room. There was very little space to hide in but he had little option but to get himself fixed

"Sorry!" Rye spoke, Wincing as he felt someone bump into him. The pain had extended from his shoulder all the way down his left side but looking around, it was clear there were plenty who'd come out of the event far worse off.

A bright eyed and obviously scared nurse helped Ensign Rye to a hospital bed that had just become available in the main Sickbay. The bed had become available because an engineering officer had succumbed to her injuries and was now being transported to the morgue. "The doctor will be with you a few minutes." Said the nurse and quickly left to help other patients.

What seemed like thirty minutes had past before a doctor was finally free. "Hi Ensign, I am Acting Chief Noah Glover. I am so sorry for your long wait." He said as he began to scan Rye for possible injuries. "You have broke several bones in your hand and wrist ensign. I will give you something for the pain. We will have to do some minor surgery to fix the rest." Noah said, his voice calm and compassionate, a mirror opposite of the chaos around him.

"Thank you" Rye uttered, his gaze moving slowly across the room as the doctor began to do his thing.

Dropping into something of a daze, Will couldn't help wondering how many more would be lost once all counting had finished. "I'm sorry for the loss of the Doctor. Did you know them well?"

Noah's confident gaze paused for a moment as memories of the doctor came flowing up. "Thank you. Yes, he was my mentor. It is going to be very difficult around here without him," Noah said, his eyes tearing up.

Noah placed a comforting hand on Rye's shoulder. "This is going to hurt a bit as I set the bones, but once they heal you will be back to normal." The computer buzzed and Noah scanned the fracture once more and began making minor adjustments to the bones, ensuring each one lined up cleanly.

Gritting his teeth as the doctor made his adjustments, Will managed to limit his display of discomfort to a wince although the ensign wasn't really sure if it was because he could actually feel the pain through the painkiller that had been administered or because it was instinctual. "I know it doesn't really make up for anything that has happened but I'm sure you'll do fine."

His words were hardly as confidence inspiring as Will had tried for but it was hard to find the proper tone when he could feel his bones moving within his skin – a sensation that he certainly wasn’t going to miss.

Noah ran the tricorder along the hand, wrist, making sure that Will's pain remained within tolerable limits. "Thank you Ensign. It has been a huge blow to our team to lose the doctor. I am sure when all this is over and things settle down we will have a lot of mourning to do," Noah said, sympathetically.

Doctor Noah Glover then began the osteo-regeneration process, moving the equipment slowly up and back down William's arm. "That should do it Ensign, but it will take several hours to be strong enough the bare any weight. I also recommend being careful over the next couple of days to give everything time to return to normal. Other then the broken bones, how you are handling all of this?

Noting the instructions given to him, Will hesitated before responding. Honestly he hadn't really had time to properly take in everything that had happened, nor had he found an opportunity to check on the areas of the ship for which he was responsible, "Aside from the injuries, I'm okay I think... I mean I still have a bunch to check on but all things considered, I'm alright."

Rye truly wasn't sure if he meant his words or if he was trying to kid himself.

Noah finished up the final adjustments to Rye's injuries and then prescribed the ensign some medications. "The pain will be a little uncomfortable for a few days but this medicine will help and you will regain full function of your wrist and hand. As for the current situation, I recommend all of us spending some time with the Ship's counselor to talk it all out. That is once thing settle down."

"Probably good advice" Rye agreed, nodding slowly as he flexed his hand. His entire arm felt odd, not painful anymore but obviously not entirely okay just yet. Honestly Will didn't know if he would get around to any counselling appointments and he suspected most would be the same, although that was probably all the more reason to do it. "Thank you Doctor" The pilot offered the doctor a smile as he forced himself to his feet, "I'm not a counsellor but if there is anything I can do to help you, please just shout."

Doctor Glover smiled and gave the ensign a polite nod. "That would be nice ensign, maybe a drink would be nice after all of this. Take care of yourself," Noah said before making his way to the next patient.

Nodding and offering a smile as he stepped aside for the doctor's next patient, Will made his way toward the exit. Rolling his shoulder and flexing his hand again as he exited. Now that the pilot was more or less back to normal he headed toward the shuttlebays to check on his own people, hoping all the while that none of them were going to end up on that building casualty report.


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