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A Derelict? Conclusion

Posted on Thu Jul 9th, 2020 @ 9:37pm by Lieutenant Commander 1 1 & Lieutenant Vitor Silveira & Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: Alien ship & USS Hyperion
Timeline: 2 hours after emergency stop


[ Alien Ship - Port Side ]

Tolkath scanned the strange object, the Tricorder readings were curious and appeared to show inanimate vegetable matter, yet the shape had clearly absorbed the Drone.

"I have never encountered such an object" He said "It almost appears to be some form of Droseraceae, carnivorous plantlife. It requires further study but we do not have time for that and we should move on" He looked around for another door. Unlike many starships that had compartments linked by corridors, this craft seemed to be a series of compartments, further evidence of its unconventional construction.

Vitor tilted his head to a door nearly concealed on the right.

"I say we go through there, if my sense of direction is correct we might be close to our boarding point."

"Your direction sense is in error Lieutenant" Tolkath replied dryly "However, that should be the entrance to our destination, the Engineering compartment"

He moved to the door, careful to avoid getting too close to the amber substance, with it's grisly contents. The door opened into a large compartment and he stepped through.

Vitor shrugged and smiled as he followed the Commander.

"Then I stand corrected, I am right behind you Sir."

[ Starboard side - Medical Compartment]

"There's some goo here that is molecularly similar to our dermalitic gels, lots of dressings, and some medications here, but we'll need to get experts to take a closer look at what treats what." A discarded heavy duty storage case lay near by.

"Disasters can be so helpful sometimes. We'll put what we can use in here."

Lieutenant Kennedy nodded, "It's unfortunate, but this is the world we live in." As Lieutenant Kennedy gathered some miscellaneous supplies, a he heard a similar creak to the one before. He took out his tricorder once again and immediately tapped his combadge.

=/\= Kennedy to Commander Tolkath: The structural integrity of the Starboard side is degrading. Based on tricorder data, this ship only has a few more hours left in her.=/\=

Kennedy looked to Elnora, "Once we finish this up, we'll head down the corridor. There's another compartment a few meters down." Kennedy himself filled his bag while continuing to monitor the structural integrity of the ship.

Kennedy noticed this his own bag was starting to fill up. He had about half a bag left to fill before they returned to the Hyperion, though he was hoping to find more valuable supplies for the ship. When he'd left he noticed the ships power systems were damaged as well as the defensive systems. With PO Elnora with him, he decided to get to know her a little better. "So Petty Officer, how'd you end up on the Hyperion?"

Elnora found the sudden bonding moment unexpected. "Nothing too dramatic. Hyperion was the first open ship that needed an archeologist. I can't visit many strange new worlds if I'm stuck on a starbase can I?" she asked not expecting a reply.

[ Stern - Engine Compartment ]

Tolkath surveyed the huge compartment, easily the largest one on the vessel. Like the rest this one appeared to be in some kind of power-saving mode, however it was lit by a pulsating bluish glow.

The blue light glowed brighter, shimmered, faded and glowed again in a steady rhythmical pulse. It came from two long transverse cylinders partially recessed in the compartment's deck, each one some thirty meters long and three meters in diameter. A control panel was linked to both, it glittered with the alien text.

Between the two tubes, a black vertical hexagonal column rose some four meters up from the floor. There were two slits in the column, from which came a flickering yellow-white glow. On one side of the column was a control panel, this time marked with both the alien text and familiar Romulan characters.

Vitor stepped slowly, covering all angles trying to avoid any blind spots. The size and disposition of the deck did gave the look of an engineering place. It was lifeless like the rest of the ship but was the most 'normal' room they passed by since they boarded.

The Vulcan walked slowly over to the tubes and column, a glance at his Tricorder confirmed what he suspected.

He turned to Silveira and pointed to the two tubes. "Lieutenant these two are Warp Cores" He pointed to the black column "And this is a Romulan confined quantum singularity."

Vitor wrinkled his forehead. As a tactical officer had some notion on Romulan's engines design, but like everything on this derelict, this wasn't really up to standard design.

"My knowledge on Romulan design is limited but I never saw anything like this."

"Neither have I" Tolkath agreed "The cores are, however, the largest I have ever seen.... Fascinating" He was quite overwhelmed by the size and power. It was unprecedented, there was nothing of this scope in the Federation.

"By the size of the matter/antimatter reaction assembly, I estimate each core is capable of producing an output at least double that of the standard Starfleet output of four thousand teradynes per second. Coupled to which is a Romulan starship drive singularity."

He walked around the black column of the Romulan singularity. He could feel the rhythmical pulsing of the two massive cores through his feet. He stopped, hidden behind the column was another panel. One that also recognizable but not as familiar as the cores or singularity drive.

This was a dark greenish-black rectangle some two meters long, a meter high and wide. The surface was irregular and green diodes flickered here and there. Conduits connected it to both cores and the black column. His tricorder again confirmed what he suspected.

He reached out a hand and cautiously waved it above the large box. Instantly a holographic control panel materialized, it shimmered and a steady stream of text and readouts blinked and flashed in the air. The text was familiar and ominous.

"This accounts for the remains of the Borg drone in the previous compartment" He said quietly "This is a Borg Trans-warp drive"

Vitor frowned as he looked around. There was some admiration for whoever managed to combine such mix of technology, but again they had more questions than answers. Returning his thoughts to more practical matters he lowered his phaser rifle.

"Do you think we can find salvage for the Hyperion?"

Before he could reply Tolkath was cut off by a chirp from his commbadge -

=/\= Kennedy to Commander Tolkath: The structural integrity of the Starboard side is degrading. Based on tricorder data, this ship only has a few more hours left in her.=/\=

=/\= Acknowledged Mister Kennedy =/\= Tolkath replied =/\= Make your way to the engineering compartment at the stern. Mister Silveira and I are there. =/\=

=/\= Understood, we will meet you there =/\= Kennedy acknowledged

Tolkath looked around the compartment, there were numerous control panels and displays all around the outer bulkheads. He turned to Silveira. "Mister Silveira it is possible we can use these drive systems to repair the Hyperion. But we need to locate a structural integrity field control panel. It would most likely have some form of schematic display, either of decks and compartments or the entire ship. If we can locate it, we may be able to increase power to the degrading sections and save this ship from breaking apart"

"Aye Sir." Replied Vitor as he walked to the panels nearest to him. Putting aside his rifle he made a first attempt to work the controls. In a further demonstration of weird techno mixture it was nothing like the one the Commander used. Old school style buttons, that as Vitor pressed opened up long lists of unknown symbols in one of the displays.

Vitor frowned and moved to the next panel, that looked similar to LCARS. The symbols or letters didn't made any sense to Vitor, but he tapped in a few of them hoping for a reaction. The displays in front of him and to his right brighten and opened some sort of low detail, pixelated schematics.

"I found some schematics, but I can't really make heads or tails from it Commander."

Tolkath had examined several panels, one seemed to be life support, another was clearly for artificial gravity, many of the others were incomprehensible.

He crossed to join Silveira and looked over his shoulder as the man worked the panel.
The Security Officer did indeed seem to have found some form of ship monitoring system.

"This may be it Mister Silveira" He said "It does seem to be a ship-wide energy management system" He pointed to one of the schematics, it looked like a layout of several compartments and each had a series of digits which seemed to be fluctuating up and down slightly over a small range. "Those may be energy flow readings"

"See if you can move the display to find the port side compartments." He suggested "Perhaps we will see a difference in flow rates that would indicate failing integrity field generators"

Vitor nodded as he pressed on other commands. Another graphic opened and he tried to move it to the port side. It took some time to understand how to properly rotate the new graphic, but Vitor managed to zoom out and gave a two thirds display of the derelicts port side.

"I think this is it." Vitor pointed to a series of compartments with irregular readings. "There might be a problem with the field generators, if there are micro fractures like the one on the bridge it would explain this damage."

"Indeed" Tolkath agreed with the astute Security Officer. He examined the image display Silveira had managed to obtain. The column of alien text was changing in a different way to the previous screen. "This may be counting down the energy flow levels" He said pointing to the text. A moment later one of the columns began flashing vivid purple and a buzzer sounded, a few seconds later and three other columns also started sounding alerts.

"It would appear the field generators are breaching a safety threshold" The Vulcan reasoned. "But how do we increase the energy flow?"

Another column went into alert status, now all of the displayed compartments appeared to be at dangerous levels. The image changed and a new screen was overlaid on the display. This one displayed a series of control buttons with a particular alien text symbol in each. The image flashed on and off in
purple. "It appears we need to activate these controls" Tolkath said "Mister Silveira, Can you see that symbol on any of the manual buttons?"

Vitor nodded as he fixed on the symbol and looked around.

While the man checked Tolkath tapped his commbadge =/\= Tolkath to Kennedy and Elnora. Check your tricorder, we believe structural integrity in your area is falling to dangerous levels =/\=

=/\= Affirmative Commander. We're seeing some buckling in the deck plating and the last door we came through was jamming in the frame. We've two more compartments to go. =/\= Kennedy replied

"I found it." It took Vitor some minutes, but in the console with the manual buttons he saw the symbol. Vitor took a longer look trying to discern ho to operate the controls, he turned and pointed to the console. "I believe this activates the generators and this knob here allows us to control it.

"Try and increase the power flow Lieutenant," Tolkath nodded "If you are correct, we should see the column of text values change and begin to match those in areas where the power is at nominal levels"

Vitor nodded and slowly turned the knob, keeping an eye on the power flow. As the levels changed he turned it on the right direction following the Commanders instructions.

=/\= Tolkath to Kennedy and Elnora. Check your tricorder again, we are attempting to increase structural integrity in your area =/\=

=/\= Checking now Commander. Yes, yes there is an increase! Field energy levels are rising, up seven percent... eleven percent... twenty percent.... thirty four percent. Steady increase in power levels, now at seventy eight percent.... ninety four percent. Everything is settling down, we're just one compartment from you now sir =/\=

=/\= Acknowledged Mister Kennedy. Tolkath out =/\=

The Vulcan turned to Silveira. "Good work Lieutenant. Please check over the panel and see if there are any other areas of the ship that require power adjustment. I will begin to crate a record of the controls and drive systems. I believe these may be of assistance in returning our ship to the Alpha quadrant" He moved off and began scanning each of the control panels with his tricorder.

"Understood Commander." Vitor turned his attention to the panel.

A few moments later Kennedy and Elnora arrived.

After carefully scanning and recording the alien ship's engineering compartment and it's massive hybred-drive system the Away Team was ready to return to the Hyperion

The alien ship was a mystery, posing more questions than answers. A strange design, incorporating elements and components from a range of species and technologies, many of them of unknown origin. The lack of a crew, evidence of combat and death was concerning, but somewhere within the mystery was the possibility the ship could provide the Hyperion with a way back...



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