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Post #1- A New Era

Posted on Fri Oct 9th, 2020 @ 5:36am by Captain Anna Caldwell & Commander Raksha Chandra

Mission: Interlude One - As Time Goes By
Location: USS Hyperion - Ready Room
Timeline: Current - September 2399

[Hyperion - Ready Room]

The PaDD made a clattering noise as it hit the table. For the past 2 hours Captain Anna Caldwell had been glued to her desk, reading PaDD after PaDD as the Hyperion underwent its 10 year heavy level check and overhaul. Nearly every part of the ship was undergoing some sort of upgrade, from the warp drive to the replicators in the mess halls. Anna had held firm on one thing though: don't mess with my bridge. Aside from some under the hood improvements, the bridge would stay the same; namely the lack of holographic enabled consoles. Truthfully, at nearly 20 years old, the Hyperion was showing her age and Starfleet wasn't keen to upgrade some of the things that were more aesthetic. Despite her age the Hyperion could still go toe to toe with most any vessel and come out on top. The Sovereign Class was still an awe including vessel, even nearly 30 years on.

Anna starched slightly in her chair and checked the chronometer. It as just past 11 in the morning, when meant her new XO would be checking in at any moment. The Hyperion had been though a string of XO's, not uncommon for Sovereign Class ships, and Anna couldn't help but hope this next one would stick around for more than a year or so. As if on cue the door chime rang.


The door slid open with it's customary hiss to reveal a woman in her mid-thirties. The last vestiges of youth appeared as but a shadow upon her stern countenance as age and the stress of command began to show their wear.

She was of a clear Desi-Indian heritage, relatively toned in body, and of a height of about 5 and a half feet. Her most distinguishing feature was undeniably her bright brown eyes, which appeared to have a character about them almost uniquely to themselves. From the doorway, they shone a brief glance at the Captain from beneath her cropped black hair.

Her uniform, the customary regalia of Starfleet in the 2390's, bore the red colors of command and upon her chest were three silver pips, indicating her rank of commander.

She stepped inside, carrying herself with an air of discipline.

"Captain Anna Caldwell. Commander Raksha Chandra, reporting for duty, sir! Starfleet Command has assigned me to the Hyperion to serve as your new executive officer." She spoke formally.

Her voice was distinctive to say the least, being clearly British in origin but with a heavy Indian accent overlain.

Anna half smiled to herself. It wasn't that uncommon for new senior staff members to present themselves at full attention and about ready to strain something. Even 20 years in assignments on Sovereign Class ships were prized and rare, second only to a posting on an Odyssey Class ship, and carried a certain level of prestige within the fleet. After 10 years in the center chair of the Hyperion, Anna wasn't a stickler for that level of duty.

She rose from this desk and smiled at the other women. "Welcome to the Hyperion. At ease Commander. I'd hate to have you sprain something and need a to need sickbay on day one." Anna sat back down behind the desk. "Please, have a seat Commander. Was your journey back to Earth a pleasant one?"

Raksha immediately relaxed at the words 'at ease' and in an instant, her disciplined posture and stern demeanor appeared to fade to warmer, more relaxed woman. A real person emerged from behind the uniform.

"I'll probably end up seeing the 'vibrant' faces of Starfleet medical soon enough anyway. I'm overdue my annual physical as it is."

The commander sat down at the captain's desk, a deep sigh leaving her with an exhale.

"It's good to be home for the moment, that's for sure. My mother gave me an earful about eating properly and all that. Brighton was certainly a nice change-of-pace compared to Starbase Bravo and all those admirals though." She rambled on.

Anna chuckled softly and picked up her coffee, taking a sip. "Well, we'll be back in a sea of Admirals soon. Admiral Basmanoff has ordered us to Starbase 72 as soon as they fleet yards finish up in a few weeks. It seems the situation on the Cardassian border is heating up and the Hyperion is going to used to make a statement and show the flag, so to speak." Anna picked up a PaDD. "Have they give you any information about the situation with the Cardassian Union? Granted, what we know isn't much.

"Not much,' Chandra started, 'I know the Detapa Council have returned to skirmishing with the Federation along the borders, and the Obsidian Order have re-emerged to cause headaches across the Alpha Quadrant, but I'm afraid I don't know a whole lot beyond that."

Raksha shifted in her seat slightly.

"Sir, aren't you concerned that the deployment of a Sovereign-class flagship vessel like the Hyperion might only make things worse along the borders? For all of their posturing and arrogance, the Cardassians aren't ones to back down from a fight if there's bragging rights to be won. I'd say hauling a chunk of the Hyperion's hull back to Cardassia would serve as a considerably effective trophy in that regard."

Anna passed the PaDD over to the other women. "We'll be staying well on our side of the border. We're going to make statement and let them know we are listening and watching. We don't know much beyond the fact that the Obsidian Order and the Central Command seem to be at odds. We aren't sure where the Detapa Council falls in all that, but, we can assume that they have something to do with the Obsidian Order. We need intelligence on what is going on in the Union and, well, I get the feeling Starfleet Command is going to be using us to get it."

Raksha took the PADD from in front of her and began to almost idly flick through it, speed-reading her way through the information presented to her.

"Well if the Obsidian Order and the Central Command are at each other's throats, we certainly have a weak point we can apply pressure to to crack the Union's influence in that area of space at least, though I'd much rather see the scales tip more towards the Central Command's side personally. At least they're direct with their plans to screw over neutral systems."

Chandra idly slung the PADD back down on the desk.

"Do we have any contacts on the inside? Any informants within the Union or at least close to it? Anyone we can trust not to lead us on wild goose chases or worse, pull us in to Cardassian space and dupe us in to escalating the conflict?" the Commander asked.

Anna shook her head. "None that I have been told about. My understanding is that Starfleet Intelligence is scrambling to dig up an information. Supposedly that is where we will come in; as we resupply colonies along the border we'll hopefully pick up some information about not only the Cardassians but a few of the smaller powers in the area. Everyone is a bit tense right now."

"I would be too. The Cardassians don't really have a habit of turning up to a system and then leaving without wrecking the place. Speaking of though, what other factors do we need to consider while we're out there? Any other galactic powers, agencies, or civilizations getting involved the conflicts along the border there?" Chandra asked.

"Not yet, at least not officially. From my understanding the Talarian's are making some noise but it's nothing official. Our little border excursion is officially being billed as a resupply to the colonies along there and it's going to end near Talarian space. We have no official treaty with them but they aren't exactly hostile; it's an odd dynamic. We haven't heard from them in years."

"Well we ought to tread carefully if we're dealing with Talarians. Having two women as the commanding and first officers probably won't sit too well with them." the commander responded.

Chandra leaned back on her seat slightly and tapped casually on the captain's desk.

"Seems as though this is a bit of a blind adventure, captain. Sounds like I should meet with our chief engineering and tactical officers first. If we're heading in to unknown, hostile territory, I'd want to make sure our systems are up to par and ensure we can modify our sensor array and shielding systems as needed... uh, with your approval, of course." She said, correcting herself quickly.

Anna chuckled softly. "Of course. It's a prudent course of action. Besides, won't hurt to introduce yourself to them."

"No indeed, although I'm sure they'll probably wish I hadn't." Chandra responded.

Anna nodded."Good luck and dismissed, number one."