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The Start of Something - Part 1

Posted on Sun Mar 29th, 2020 @ 9:26pm by Captain Anna Caldwell

Mission: Pre Mission #1 - And So It Begins
Location: USS Iowa Bridge
Timeline: April 25th, 2385

[USS Iowa] [Bridge]

The soft hum of the ship, along with the soft beeps and boops of the consoles, was commonplace on a Starship. When you serve in Starfleet it's something you get used too and it's something that even draws a measure of comfort; though after 2 years of not setting foot off the ship Anna was more than ready to enjoy the sheer silence of being on a planet.

"You've been rather quiet ma'am. What is it humans say, a penny for your thoughts?"

Anna looked at the Bolian women next to her, a small smile on her lips. The two had formed a close bond over the last 2 years and Anna was going to be sad to loose her the moment Starfleet Command wised up and giver her a ship of her own. "I can assure you, they aren't deep thoughts by any means. I just didn't expect to find ourselves heading towards home so soon. I had grown accustomed to our little family, wondering around the Gamma Quadrent, picking up the pieces. Now the Romulan rescue effort needs so many people that ships are being recalled." She glanced around the Bridge. "It'll be odd having a bridges of new faces."

"A bridge of fresh, young, Ensigns at that." The Bolian let out a soft sigh. "These are new times though. Starfleet needs a bit more experience at home. We've been at war, hot and cold, with the Romulans for nearly 2 centuries. Maybe their star going supernova will finally foster some trust and change; a glimmer of hope in the tragedy of it all."

"As always, your optimism is refreshing Number One." Anna lowered her voice slightly. "There are rumblings in command that people, and member worlds, are not happy about this. I can understand on some levels, but, billions of lives are on the line. I often wonder how much the Dominion War scarred the Admirals."

The XO opened her mouth to speak but before she could a shrill beep echoed across the bridge.

"Priority one distress call incoming ma'am." The ops officer's faced blanched. "It''s from the Sol system. It's from Starfleet Command, working on sorting it out."

Anna immediately stood and walked over and up to the Ops station. "Lieutenant?"

The mans fingers flew across the console. "Working on it. It''s from Mars. They report the planet and Utopia Planitia are under heavy attack. The Sol system is locked down, not traffic in or out expect for Starfleet ships. All Stafleet ships within range and to report to the Sol system."

"Red Alert!" Anna barked, the bridge dimming to a blood red, Klaxons softly trilling. "Helm, set a course for Mars, emergency warp."

"Yes ma'am" The Ensign at helm reported, a shakiness to his voice. "Locked in. We'll arrive in 2 hours"

Anna sat back down next to her XO as the two exchanged a glace. Yet again, the universe was changing.

[2 Hours Later]

"Approaching the Sol system. I can't make heads or tails of any of the comm traffic, it's just all a mess."

"Take us out of warp a safe distance from Mars." Anna tapped her fingers on the arm rest, a nervous habit she never managed to break.

"Aye ma'am"

"Battle stations!" Barked her XO. "Weapons hot, shields to maximum"

The view screen shifted from streaking stars, to a burst of white light, and then the view of the sheer destruction that awaited them. The bridge fell silent as the XO stood and walked toward the handrails on the command deck.

"By the gods. Mars burning?"

"Status report" Anna managed to get out, her throat tight.

"Um, its hard to get a full view but from the amount of debris I would say the orbital shipyards are destroyed and most likely the Romulan rescue fleet is as well. The atmosphere of Mars is burning and it's keeping me from seeing a whole lot about whats going on planetside. No active weapons fire detected but the only traces of Phaser fire I'm picking up has a Federation signature. As best I can tell the battle is over. I'm picking up over a dozen ships, everything from a Miranda Class academy training ship up to a few Sovereign Class ships."

Anna nodded. "Stand down to Yellow Alert. Helm, maintain position until Command tells us otherwise. Commander Dolna, alert Dr. T'Ney to expect mass causalities and prep the ship for medical support. Lieutenant Versa, get me whoever the hell is running things on the comm and shunt it to my Ready Room." Anna stood and moved towards the ready room.

What normally would have been a chorus of 'Aye Ma'ams' was instead silence.

[April, 2388]
[Starfleet Command][San Francisco][Earth]

Anna looked out across the bay. It was, yet again, another picture perfect day. The weather control systems were clearly working overtime as the weather had been pristine over the past week. Not that she got to enjoy it, mind you, since she was stuck in meetings all week as the overhaul of the Hyperion entered it's last phase.

"Ma'am? The Hyperion reports they are ready to receive you."

Anna turned and smiled at the Petty Officer. "Very well them." She stepped away from the window and onto the transporter pad.



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