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An Impromptu Meeting

Posted on Wed Apr 8th, 2020 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Michael Kennedy & Lieutenant Vitor Silveira
Edited on on Wed Apr 8th, 2020 @ 2:19pm

Mission: Mission 1 - "Into the Unknown"
Location: USS Hyperion - Chief Security/Tactical office
Timeline: Current


Vitor walked slowly to the main Security office. Holding his PADD he was going to report his arrival to Lieutenant Kennedy, his new Senior Officer. He took his time, looking around the ship to see how the refit was going. From what he could observe there was still a lot of work to be done, and that was what he was here for.

He stopped at the assigned door and hit the chime, waiting to ear the reply.

Lieutenant Michael Kennedy had fallen for it again. He tuned in to a news report on the destruction of Mars - to this day it was still burning. He picked up a PADD. Starfleet had released their preliminary report - the synthetics who worked there rebelled, destroyed the Utopia Planetia shipyards, and as a result, there were thousands of casualties. As a student of history, he couldn't believe that he'd lived through such an event. He was getting lost in the intelligence of the event when he jumped. The door chime went off. He wasn't expecting anyone. "Enter," he ordered standing up from behind his desk. Luckily, he'd been able to get the office under control - the piles of PADDs weren't as high.

Vitor straighten himself and walked inside. He gave the Lieutenant behind the desk a slight bow and with a smile he spoke.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Vitor T Silveira reporting for duty Sir."

Michael Kennedy watch a man, a few years his junior, enter his office, standing at attention. "At ease Lieutenant." Michael extended his hand to Lieutenant Silveira. "Michael Kennedy. Chief of Security. Pleasure to meet you." It was somewhat of more informal than he normally would, but reading up on Mars put him in an odd mood. He motioned for the chair, "Have a seat. Tell me about yourself."

Vitor gave a strong handshake and sat down, with his PADD on his lap.

"Well I graduated almost four years ago, I served as a Tactical officer on the Adelaide for a year and a half before transferring to the Sovereign, were I spent almost three years."
Vitor leaned back a bit and continued. "I assume that was why I was ordered to the Hyperion. But I admit I expected the ships from the same class to be..."

Vitor tilted his head searching for the best term "More identical... Alas I already learned they are not exact twins."

Lieutenant Kennedy let out a chuckle, "You're more prepared than I." He said thinking back to his time aboard the Nebula Class USS Massachusetts, "My last ship was a beauty, a little dated, but nevertheless a strong ship of the line." Michael picked up a PADD and pulled up Lieutenant Silveira's service record. "I see your from your service record that you've been a Tactical Officer for some time. Tell more about your experience in Starfleet and your goals." In the back of his mind, Michael was trying to figure out the best assignment for him.

Vitor smile dimmed a bit as he looked back to his past.

"I split my time on the Adelaide between the bridge and phaser maintenance. I saw some combat action there. We where assigned to the Klingon border and had a few... Encounters with Klingon ships. Specially after the Hobus incident." Vitor lowered his eyes recalling those days. "It was a hard wake call, luckily we had an experienced crew and Captain."

Vitor stopped and took a breath breath before speaking again.

"When Mars was attacked I asked for a transfer..." Vitor crossed his hands on his lap, forced himself to keep looking the Lieutenant in the eyes. "Mars brought back sad memories and I wanted a quieter posting. That's how I ended up in the Sovereign, although it wasn't that quiet."

Vitor composed himself and a smile returned to his lips.

"The Sovereign was stationed on this side of the border, it returned to DS9 and I took on the same rolls as I did on the Adelaide, although I did less bridge duty, I spent time on ships weapons control and damage repair. Got a good handle on the ships weapons systems." Vitor hoped that didn't sounded too cocky. "As for my goals I set them at close range. For now I just wish we get this lady up and running, I will do my best to make it happen."

Kennedy took what the Lieutenant said to heart. It was true: Mars had changed everything. Billions of people across galaxy saw the event unfound live. The casualties were severe. Kennedy remembered the exact moment the USS Massachusetts had been informed. They were lightyears away from Earth in the Beta Quadrant and there was no way they could help with the relief efforts. They were, however, put on standby to help evacuate Romulans. However, that didn't happen.

That's when Kennedy had a thought: [i]The starboard phaser array has been acting up and Engineering hasn't had the time yet to repair it. Looks like Lieutenant Silveira would have his first test.[/i] "I believe in a liberal arts education in the Security Department. All personnel will be rotating through duty stations until we find our rhythm. Based on your goal, I'd like you to take a look at the Starboard phaser array. Engineering hasn't had a chance to check it out and, based on your experience and goal, you should be able to figure it out. Report phaser control and see what you can do to assist in the retrofit and update me once you've got the array online."

Vitor nodded as he stood up, now he could put to good use his expertise. "Very well sir, I will get right on it. I wont risk a timetable without knowing the problem, but give me a couple of hours and I will give you a feedback on what's the issue there." Vitor took a step back and smiled at the Lieutenant. "It was a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant, I am sure it will also be a pleasure to work wit you."

Lieutenant Kennedy stood up and said, "Dismissed." He watched Lieutenant Silveira leave his office. He turned towards his desk, saw the PADDs that just seemed to multiply before his eyes, the reality of his new job set in. This was not the Massachusetts, but it was a new ship and it deserved a dedicated leader. He picked up another PADD and got back to work.

Lieutenant Michael Kennedy
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Hyperion

Lieutenant JG Vitor Silveira
Tactical Officer
USS Hyperion


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